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Time for Clarity

I have a personal mission to coach and assist others into authentic wellness & happiness. I left my corporate life to become more focused and deliberate with creating a peaceful life...Now I teach it! 

Healthy mind...Healthy body...Healthy Soul-Spirit!

I assist through listening, creating a nourishment game plan through intuitive counselling, coaching, body-mind-spirit conscious-awareness concepts and tools. I help you to see a different perspective within life and circumstances. I do this through 1 on 1 or small group readings, holistically minded life-coaching, holistic movement and nourishment.  I am about authentic connections, integrity, truth within things, how to find the silver lining and to learn how to make the most of any situation. (Currently I am doing Zoom Calls and Meetings).  

Become more 'conscious' and deliberate in life. Learn how to rise up and feel authentically empowered and purposeful.



A Path to Deliberate Conscious Living

I have been awake and aware for a good part of 20 years.  Since 2004, I have completely dedicated myself in service helping others feel more intrinsically empowered and on purpose (adults and children).  Through holistic ways, approaches I bring through intuitive connection, transformational life coaching spiritual counselling, holistic nutrition, yoga/meditation/breath/movement, healing practices, wholefood- nourishment advise/suggestions while offering my own wisdom with a compassionate, spiritual comfort and knowledge. 


Learn to 'unpack your life' and work from the inside out!

I hold one-on-one and group intuitive coaching/counsel sessions. In person and online. I am an intuitive healer, a big advocate to feed the body well, and an inspirational speaker to ignite authentic empowerment and productivity.  I host powerful group classes, meditations and gatherings to help provide support and raise consciousness awareness in life. I aid in bringing comfort in the times we are living in and moving into. I teach everything I do within my offerings/practice and am currently writing a couple books on letting go of fear, raising consciousness for adults and children. I am creating online mini courses about being more authentic, intuitive, purposeful and empowered!


Control your Negative Fears, Thoughts, Create Mind Power 

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Starts Oct 18 2021

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