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The Conscious Intuitive

Since 2004, I have dedicated myself to assisting the healing of adults and children through holistic practices and spiritual knowledge (of the self and Soul connection). I offer transformational intuitive life coaching, spiritual mentorship and readings, holistic nutritional counselling, yoga, meditation, energy body activations, clearing auric blockages and much more. 

As a strong intuitive empath, healer and an advocate of nourish and nurture the body-mind-soul, I aid in bringing comfort and support throughout life's unexpected challenges.  Learn how to 'unpack your life' from the inside out and feel more intrinsically empowered and purposeful. I provide an array of services including 1-on-1 sessions, group classes and courses that inspire and encourage authentic and intuitively conscious living. 

A Path to Deliberate & Conscious Living

Learn to Be Your Best Version...

Transformational 'Intuitive' Life Coaching,  Holistic Nutritional Counselling, 
Spiritual Reading /Counselling, Energy Healing & Training, Intuitive Development, Consciousness Development, Yoga, Meditation and more.