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Time for Clarity

I have a personal mission to coach and assist others into authentic wellness & happiness. I left my corporate life to become more focused and deliberate with creating a peaceful life...Now I teach it! 

I assist through listening, intuitive counselling, coaching, body-mind-spirit conscious-awareness concepts and tools. I help you to see a different perspective within life and circumstances. I do this through 1 on 1 or small group readings, holistically minded life-coaching, holistic movement and nourishment.  I am about authentic connections, integrity, truth within things, how to find the silver lining and to learn how to make the most of any situation.

Become more 'conscious' and deliberate in life. Learn how to rise up and feel authentically empowered and purposeful.



The Path to Deliberate Conscious Living

Since 2004, I have dedicated myself to helping others feel more intrinsically empowered and on purpose.  Through intuitive connection, transformational life coaching, yoga/meditation/breath/movement, wholefood- nourishment advise/suggestions and offering my own wisdom with a spiritual flavour.    


Learn to 'unpack your life' and work from the inside out!

I hold one-on-one and group intuitive coaching/counsel sessions. In person and online. I am an intuitive healer, a big advocate to feed the body well, and an inspirational speaker to ignite authentic empowerment and productivity.  I host powerful group classes, meditations and gatherings to help provide support and raise consciousness awareness in life. I aid in bringing comfort in the times we are living in and moving into.   I teach everything I do within my offerings/practice and am currently writing a couple books, creating online mini courses about being more authentic, intuitive, purposeful and empowered!


"I help you figure things out and show you how to cultivate more within your life.  Many say 'I help them make sense of things' and bring an ease and focus to change"

Karen Fiorucci



Come Feel Empowered

What qualifies me to teach Meditation an


Whether you're looking to increase wellness and raise your vibes, build self-confidence or reduce stress, my Meditation Circles uplift and help you to re-centre yourself. Start working towards a life you can flourish in.  Inward is the way! 


Crystal Chakra Series &

Meditation for Intuitive Development 


Once a month or so we gather like minded people to talk and express in open discussions on how to change life, perspectives with tools and understanding for empowerment.  We talk about empowerment and how to be more conscious and cultivation of gratitude.




Become more confident and empowered! Life can be abundant with meaning, and fulfillment by taking part in a comprehensive Group 'Intuitive Development' in a conscious & sacred way.  It ingrains a clear and healthy mind, body, and soul. Discover what authentic empowerment can do for you.  (will be on Zoom as well)

$40/class - 6 session commitment


Become more Intuitively Conscious...whether you're looking to increase your skills to become more accurate in your intuitive abilities for yourself or others - this class series is for you!   Many have returned to this group for so many reasons...discover why for yourself!  (will be on Zoom as well)

$40/class - 6 session commitment

Mudra Meditation

" I believe that any degree of personal, spiritual and intuitive development can help a person change their life for the better. You will understand yourself and those around you more intently, and on new levels of awareness.  Developing your natural intuition is an asset and helps you to evolve deeper within personal autonomy and empowerment.

Karen Fiorucci - The Conscious Intuitive


So much clarity!

She helped me make a very important decision

"Karen helped me tremendously with my anxiety and brought clarity into my life at a time where a lot of things were unknown. She gave me the permission I was looking for to follow my gut and have confidence in my instincts. I am so thankful to her and hope to have another reading soon!!"


The accuracy!

Excellent Session As Always

"I booked a spiritual reading with Karen and was so happy I did. She went above and beyond and was compassionate and empathetic during a very difficult time. She made some solid connections and patiently walked me through all of my questions with no judgement. I would recommend her services 100% at any life point."




I understand the corporate dynamic and how to live authentically. Check out what some had to say about my corporate talks.  I love inspiring!

"Karen spoke with my team for 2 hours and let me tell you it was well worth the investment"  "We are all independent business owners who work on cultivating strong business contacts.  We learned many valuable take-aways such as:  How important trust, positive suggestion, compassion and working from a solutions based attitude, is..."  D.H. LaFarge

"Karen is a passionate advocate for personal empowerment.  She speaks in a genuine warm-assertive style that gets you to think deeper into your own attitudes and behaviors.  She is wise beyond her years, she is well worth the time and attention!"  
R.G - Corporate Wellness

"I wanted something different for my team meeting....I knew Karen for a few years and she had always left me with an impression of 'authenticity' . She spoke for a couple hours on personal responsibility/accountability and how to wholesomely feed yourself - mind-body and spirit.   Karen was clear spoken, articulate, full of knowledge and someone I will invite back again!"   C.T.  RBC 


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