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Spirituality is Going to Become a Very Prominent Focus for Those Who are Waking Up

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The second half of March energetically is going to be very interesting folks. There is so much power in the upcoming new moon and equinox that has the sheer power to knock your socks off! There are 6 different planet bodies floating around this New Moon, the combination of the energies of these planets will have the potential to be so felt intrinsically, a new dynamic can be born in your inner world and the outer world-realities. We may see a few unsettling things and that may start to polk at you. Focus in on your own life. This month can bring up some energy that will most definitely be displaying out on the world stage. You do not need to own it, just observe it. When we feel uncomfortable it is a clue to notice more and change for the better. Remember we are creators, we are needing to express ourselves in ways that will be courageous and sovereign. If you are working on new beginnings this timing will push it, them forward. Time to be more deliberate in conscious thought and when you are going through difficult times within your mind-heart complex, keep your eyes on the prize of what it is you want, need and why. Hold the position of knowing you will strive to move in a way of receiving more of what you want. Plant new seeds for growth in certain facets of your life and experiences. These next couple months, all things have the ability to be exposed and if you are the type to speak your mind or not, it is time to do so with delicate balance and intention. There maybe some feelings of being overwhelmed with loads of information. Turn and tune it off. Readjust and breathe. Do your best to see though all circumstances. Ask to see the truth. Clarity is coming and awakening is unfolding. Truth and awakening for folks who have not been able to see, will be able to see. Spirituality is going to become a very prominent focus for many awakening ones. Even those who have been on the path of realizing will also be able to feel and see more profoundly within their own truths. What is meant by spirituality or focusing on the spirit of who you are? It is a simple concept is about paying attention to what comes at you, and what is happening around you. Deciding to look and seek the good in all things regardless of what is, currently. Looking for the silver lining, wanting to be in the flow of making things better in your own reality. Whether that is speaking up to hold a stronger integrity within what you are involved in, or noticing synchronicities and coincidences in your life and feeling more within the flow of your everyday life. Also noticing you are more acutely aware of thoughts and feelings and different things that start to peak your curiosity. This is a good thing to get out of complacency.

Regardless if your significant other or family is on the same wavelength or not, you just keep plugging forward in your own truths. Decide to do things for yourself regardless if someone joins in or not. Things such as eating a cleaner diet, or be more health conscious, go for night time walks and contemplate to feel more peaceful, read a book to learn, get creative, take up a new hobby, listen to a podcast that uplifts you, things like that. I can recall back when my spiriutal journey started, I was working for a large corporation for a number of years and enjoyed it immensely until I didn't. Things started to change in a rapid way, restructure, reorganizing with some excitement and also some apprehension. I started to really see people for who they were, very self serving and if you didn't join in the club of gossiping or complaining you were left out. I was okay with that to make choices of staying in observing mode. Then things started to feel really off, nothing was the same and things didn't click or work but I kept on plugging away. Soon after that certain hardships came into play within my personal life - very personal things such a as loss of a child, loss of a parent, having more children, etc...these circumstances really put a different flavour and perspective into my existance that made me question my life, my focus, my heart, my efforts and what was most important and dear to me. Not only for myself but for those who were around me. I was recognizing the spirit within me, the driving force that was showing me to make change. What I have learned is that you do not need to be sitting in a yogi position or be doing hands on healing to be within the spirit of who you are or a 'spiriutal person'. All you need to do is open up more to spiriutal concepts and embrace the spirit essence of who you are. All you need to do is follow your curiosity without judgement. We are all being supported to seek the answers within, that is being more spiritual. Learn to contemplate, observe, witness without judgements, that is spiritual. Make some positive change for yourself, that is being spiriutal and tapping into your own soul essence. I recall when we were in world lockdown I found it important and better to not pay to much attention to what feels off or corrupt, the news, so I started to find an interest in other things aside from my work (which I love and enjoy) such as painting with acrylic and water colour, knitting, listening to audiobooks, writing etc. I started meditating in a different way. Research new ways to garden, try new food recipes. This was to suit the person and spirit essence I was becoming more of but didn't realize at the time. When something makes you feel really good, than most likely it is really good for you within the spirit of who you are. Be thinking of all you would like to create to help yourself move through things that pinch you. Make a list, and start acting upon them. We are in new energies of empowerment, the triumph of light over dark is coming into place and when you are in a good place mentally and emotionally you can feel it more, embody it more. We are moving from old patterns and letting go or shedding the denseness of our physicality on this earth plain. Love is most important - for the earth and each other, hold and have compassion for all life.

See past judgements, aggression, war and death culture. Let go of all illusions. Start to level up...this New moon and equinox brings and ushers this in, this month. It is the start of some new paradigm on this planet for sure! Time to transform the self. We are moving into more light. transformation - the beginning of a new forward momentum. We are moving into a gradual change of all institutions and a profound shift in consciousness. We are shifting into the Aquarian age - the earth will be readjusting and shifting as well as ourselves. We will be going through a mutation of sorts, the laws of time and space will change. This will only be advantageous for us in the long run. Look forward to more from the heart space and profound connection. We are creators and we are in the dance of more than a lifetime. Take care of yourself, your mind, your heart and ask for more and better this month! Namaste my friends, Namaste!

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