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Where your mind goes, your life follows...the power of Intention and Visualization

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The mind is a very powerful tool, it is a processor of sorts and we all benefit from learning how to condition the mind to direct life in the way we want it to go. Our thoughts create our reality and when we learn to direct our thoughts to be proactive in ways that guide us into more and better, it can be magical. Learn better words and thoughts for better health and wellness (mental, emotional and physical), when we learn to empower ourselves in a very intent-full and deliberate way we see and feel the results. I advise my clients all the time in understanding how powerful their thoughts are and this is how we create and shape our life experiences. We can talk ourselves into just about anything and also out of everything. When we make up our minds, we hold a certain vibration and when we beleive what we tell ourselves that has a direct impact in a positive or negative way. The words and feelings behind them have a direct affect on us in the moment, within the next hours, days even weeks and years. There are many sayings - what goes around comes around, what you think about is what you bring about. Where your mind goes , your life will follow, and 'its not what you are that holds you back, its what you think you are not that does just that. I think the buddha said it best: " What you think you become, what you feel you attract, what you imagine you create!" The type of work that I do requires lots of imagining and having a clear and open heart. I have come to profoundly know that being clear and setting intention goes a long way. To create more and better setting intention along with positive mental imagery go hand in hand. When we are in the active expression of our desires and wants - that is an intention You can say that intention is the proactive expression and approach in creating more of what we want. It takes action in the mental, emotional and physical states. It is in essence what we wish to achieve, be do and have. When we inner-stand this concept, we are in a state of creation in a positive way. There are so many ways to look at this concept of intention and using visualization to make something happen and even heal ourselves. Think about it for a moment, when we are determined to make something happen - we tell ourselves we want it, then we think and feel our way though the action steps to make it happen. Weather its getting a new job, changing our health conditions or finding a new home or partner. It all begins with intention and visualizing it. It is like sending instructions to the physical reality with thought and feelings through clarity of the desired outcome or goal. When we get into a mind-set of being determined to be, do or have, we are on our way to having. What we tell ourselves is a big deal, it is like having inner instruction to accomplish something in particular. Think about what we must have told ourselves when we learned how to walk, or recall what we said in order to ride a bicycle and drive a vehicle. We had the goal in mind and we talked ourselves through it. What if we use these same concepts and principles and apply it to using visual imagry as well. Visual imagry always brings up feelings and more thoughts. What if we direct those thoughts to culminate into an end result and we don't give up until we accomplish it. That is what we do all the time unconsciously - how about making it more conscious and deliberate. When we focus on only what we are working on, when we become so very clear about it, the success will undoubtedly be felt and seen over time. So, here comes the power of sheer will and audacity within making something happen. It is an essence, a life-force that pushes us to make personal choices. When we decide to move into a direction, it is within will and effort that moves and shakes reality. When we decide to include the power of thought and visual imagry with using your God given imagination we can direct it so deliberately to enrich and enhance our life. When we come to a space of believing a certain process will work, it is magical, and when we accomplish through using will and intention with conscious choice, we are powerful creators and we have less doubt within our own ability to manifest. Life is about learning new things to help shape our existance in a much more powerful way. We learn to master our life by having full intention and doing deliberate things to feed the desired outcomes. When we get see and feel results, especially when healing ourselves, we are more inclined to feel excited and eager to do more and share what we have learned. I have numerous stories of how I have directed certain visualization within my mind and heart to create outcomes. When we can focus and get into a space of quieting the mind and be still....magic happens! Many people say, "I can't quiet my mind, I am too distracted" I say nonsence to that because anyone with an intention to achieve this, can do it. There are unlimited ways to try and try again. In my mediation and intuitive development classes, I have numerous people saying they find it impossible to centre themselves at home alone, but in a group setting with intention and the right atmosphere, they are able to dive in deeper than they ever thought. When they prove that to themselves, they are then able to quiet the mind and focus with deliberate intention to accomplish no matter where they are. From there, things can only get better! You can apply this belief to other things and aspects in your life. Get quiet, use your breath, set intention for success and visualize the outcomes. This can be used to create something in the physical world and used to heal ourselves internally from all sorts of ailments. I hear so many success stores of people being told they have this disease, or that ailment and they feel disappointed and lack of trust and hope. Then to hear they set intention, used their will (Soul essence), set goals for positive outcomes, got quiet and visualized healing and made it happen! We are limitless, imagine all that you want, you are unlimited and have boundless possibility with using the power of intention, suggestion and visualization - never say never and explore your inner, innate ability to create and heal.

Remember we can all help to shape the children on this planet to use their intention and imagination to create more confidence and shaping a belief system that they can do anything!

Namaste My Friends!


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