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Intuitive Development

Beginner Program I&II 

Are you intuitive?
Do you wish to expand your skills?

Conscious Intuitive Program 

The Conscious Intuitive way is to be as pure as possible within your connection to Source, your own Divinity.


Time to rise up!  Learn how to tap in, empower yourself and trust your connection with yourself, with Source Creator tapping into your Higher Awareness, Higher Intelligence

Intuitive and Consciousness Development

(I teach to empower others with everything that I have learned and experienced)

Learn much much more than the ABC's, 123's of spirit and higher counsel communications within yourself.   Create a stronger link with your Higher Awareness, Higher Intelligence, Guides, Guardians - all your wisest counsel from the highest levels.  Our Soul and the Connection to Divine Aspects of Source, Christos light.  

Become a 'Conscious' Intuitive.

There is a difference in the vibration you hold and what comes at your when you are elevated in your own awareness and consciousness.  When you learn to get out of your own way and are shown techniques and processes to trust your internal guidance system, your life changes!  Become your best and wisest self! 

You get all the tools to be successful at this process

Be in a group of like minded that you will play and work with each week.

Receive Worksheets 

Mediation circle to get into the zone and space

Cheat sheets, que cards (depending on the exercises)

Sometimes theory in Audio format will be given prior to class 

Class time and exercises with play and connection with others and yourself. 

Gifting of Crystals and tools to aid along the way

What, why and how is what I teach!   I learned to tap inward to receive answers for myself and others.  I go direct to my Essence, my Higher Intelligence. This is what I teach. 

I have been doing this work for well over a decade professionally with pride, integrity and with no ego behind all that I communicate.  

You will receive instructions, meditations and have group time to play, Many students have become the best of friends through this type of class and experience with others.  

Learn, practice and listen to talks and build skill sets that aid in your development.  The courses can include (not limited to):

Getting past yourself – mind emotions opinions - how

Learn to sit in silence – focus is a good thing. Exercise in silence 

Believing is your biggest achievement and why.

What is believing – read and listen to the materials  - developing your own spiritual power

Trust - the virtues and how to feel them as a code of ethics within your  life. 

Self Aware = Self Empowered 

Self realization and perception awareness.  

What is EGO perception and what is Inspired Spirit knowledge, in this work.

Practice visualization techniques, sensing and feeling all senses...

Learning how to create and BE the sacred space for self and others.

Play and focus with intuitive development techniques to enhance your 'belief and trust' concepts within yourself.

Learning to raise personal vibrations and live a more conscious-self honoring life.  

Practice your limits in a safe, loving-fun-encouraging environment.  

Learning what judgement really is and how to shift away from that paradigm.

Learn non-attachment and to see from an observer awareness.  

Learn the various resonance and frequencies you hold, learn to adjust them.  

Work with Higher Self, Guardians, and Master Guides...feel, sense and trust.

Mediumship=intuitive focus on learning how to ask specific questions to get the answers for the person in front of you or yourself.

Being mindful - what does that mean? how to embody it.

Build links, trust and belief systems within your consciousness - exercises 

Clearing the mind – more comes in

Creating your own Spirit dictionary with symbolism. 

Many energies around us - how to decipher - exercise 

Feel the aura  what and how to interpret yours and others  - exercise

Feeling own energy and physical symptoms

Deeper teachings – spiritual understandings

RULES OF THE GAME ARE CHANGING – UNDERSTANDING WHAT IS HAPPENING ON OUR PLANET - sun and moon and who we are I sometimes discuss.  

Development of psychic energy and mediumship – creating solid foundations for yourself - we all have it within us! 

Spirit world, what is changing, the veils, how we interact with it and why- the purpose

Receive more of spirit essence feel more Spiritual develop never ends

All your knowing is worth remembering 

These concepts are taught over an 8 to 12 session program, broken into 4 sessions at at time throughout the year. 

Depending on the skill levels of the group, these concepts are touched upon and taught....

  1. Meet your healing guides  

  2. Sense the emotions in others and what to do with that. 

  3. How to ask the questions to get the answers  - we have a checklist

  4. Chakras – and what is new with how our essence energy is changing - New white light chakra (all of them together) no longer the same. 

  5. Individual and Group readings- how to do it! 

  6. Step into the readings with confidence - how to think and feel through it -  step my step processes. 

  7. Psychic vs. mediumship vs. mystic understandings

  8. Auras and how to expand them.

  9. Automatic writing - so much fun.

  10. Psychometry - sensing from objects. 

  11. Symbols and meanings to guide you from your own Higher Awareness

This is an 8 to 12 session program, you can take it in 2 parts, Part 1, Part 2 

Commencing February 2023

Every Saturday for 4 weeks (meditation instruction practice included).  (March is excluded)

Need 6 people minimum to start the class - we need people to read and practice with.  

Investment:  Part 1 $220. 00 Due upon registration 

                          Part 2 $220.00  Due prior to day 1 


Created and taught by:

Karen Fiorucci - The Conscious Intuitive

Areas of Expertise | Karen Fiorucci

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