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I AM Resilient

33 Day Immersion Course Program 

You Ready to Create Positive Change?
Do you wish to expand your skills that will lead you to feeling more empowered and strong in the mind?

Learn to change some subconscious belief systems that bind you.  Create a different way of living to change internal dialogue into empowering wisdom for yourself! 

I AM Resilient Course Program

Live a more confident, empowered life! 

This is a powerful and unique 'home study course' with weekly exercises, live lectures to participate and listen to afterward, a 100 Page Manual-Workbook and 4 types of prerecorded easy meditations.  

Learn to shift your perspective and circumstances while gaining more fulfilling inner thoughts and reactions.

4 weeks- 33 day course to develop mind-power and control negative, fearful thoughts while uplifting your spirit and awakening conscious thought with action. 
Gain new insights within your own life,  mind and heart.  Uplift your spirit and open conscious awareness within your life.   Learn what is holding you back. 
Learn to perceive differently, more consciously, more deliberately with controlling your mind and opening your heart.  

You actually will work on something to change or bring into your life starting the 3rd week.  This course will uplift your conscious and subconscious realities to achieve and be more of what you desire from the inside out. 
Learn to pay attention to your monkey mind.
Learn new techniques and methods to shift your mind-set.
Shift is ways to ascend in your consciousness - it is so empowering! 

Time commitment is only 20-30 minutes a day along with our Conference Meeting on Zoom each week. Also, you will be charting daily simple things and meditating (with given audios)
Each week will build on the previous to show you a process and method to changing to create positive outcomes. 

Personal empowerment and  spiritual awareness is what what you will gain in this program.  
Learn to know your authentic self / higher being 
10 Page Workbook-Journal to support this program 
4 live Zoom Lectures, talks plus 1 live one-on-one goal strategy session
2 Audio Meditations to listen to daily
2 Aura Cleansing, Energy Protection Protocols 
Live 'Telegram Group Chat' to support your efforts and receive encouragement from Karen and the group 
1 Supportive feedback and goal creation session with Karen 
1 Extra 1on1 support call after the program.  

Intro Pricing for this comprehensive unique Empowering program is in effect until summer 2022 

'Our power comes from a knowing that consciousness is not limited to the outer world'

From Karen:  I have held group programs before with amazing people and supportive hearts, but nothing compares to what I have witnessed with the first couple groups I taught this program to.  Risen, Awakened and Equipped to do more, be more and have more!  

This is a 33 Day Process that is an adventure within yourself. Starts Winter 2022  


Karen Fiorucci - The Conscious Intuitive

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