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Karen's Story

Hi, Thank you for visiting my site! 

I truly love what I do, and know I am meant to be guiding and helping people toward becoming more empowered.  I have well over a couple decades of professional experience as a Company Trainer, District Manager (Corporate, Retail and Distribution Sales), Inspired Speaker, Holistic Nutritionist, Positive Psychology Practitioner, Intuitive Life Coach, Consciousness Coach, Spiritual Counsel-mentor, Yoga-Meditation Coach-Teacher, and a Master Healer-Teacher. 

I wear many hats as a business owner and have had corporate training in district sales management, business development and marketing within large corporate structures, as well as learning how to live consciously. I have studied business admin, marketing and entrepreneurship.

On the holistic side, I have certification/accreditation as a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Certified Yoga & Meditation Teacher, Master Healer-Teacher in a few modalities.  I graduated from a Prophecy & Healing School (2 yr program in New York) as an Ordained Reverend and a Certified Metaphysician. These courses furthered ​my quest for knowledge with a solid understanding to expand in consciousness, healing and inspire as a wise Spiritual and Life-Coaching Counsellor.  I am always thirsty for learning and understanding, and do my best to live wholly and consciously as a women, spiritual being and an Intuitive Life Coach and Healer.  

I am constantly finding new ways to inspire and teach what I know in a very unique way. (The intuitive/clairvoyant part sometimes may scare people off)... but it is a natural gift, and this is why I am such a good listener on all levels of awareness. Another great perk is that it is great for interviewing people in business and life. It truly is an empowering asset for those who are pure of intention. It can also be a well honed and a cultivated skill that provides unique and profound insight for those who decide to try. 

For more insight - I am currently working on two books, a podcast, online courses inspired by conscious living, a deck of cards for awakening children and children's books for this new era we are all walking into.  


If you are interested in an uplifting and inspiring corporate talk, I can speak fluently about shifting perspectives and taking personal responsibility. 

As I like to say, re-creating yourself is an inside job! 

With Love & Light,


My Approach

Karen's Holistic, Coaching & Metaphysical Certifications

Transformational 'Intuitive' Life Coach, 

The Conscious Intuitive (Consciousness Development Programs),

Registered Holistic Nutritionist (CSNN), 

Positive Psychology Practitioner 

NLP - Neuro linguistic Programming Coach 

Certified Hatha Yoga & Meditation Teacher, (Blue Door Yoga - Thesis on Spiritual Development and Yin Yoga), 

Reiki Master-Teacher, Master Healer in other healing modalities (Usui Reiki, Huna, Akashic, Spiritual, IET Master-Instructor, Divine), 

Ordained Minister, Spiritual Medium,

Registered Metaphysician (2 yr. program Fellowships)

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Testimonials Programs
Testimonials for Course Programs
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Sandra - Conscious Intuitive Development with Karen FiorucciArtist Name
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