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The Calm IS US at the Core!

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I have been in more of an observation mode lately. Feels like I have had no choice but to pay more attention to flickering dots of light I see floating around people, myself and animals. Also noticing a golden energy in the ether, in the between spaces which we can label or call air. I have also been paying attention to feelings and emotions that seem to be all over the place lately with others as well as myself. I am good at discerning whether certain emotions are mine or sensing the collective energies around me. It is a skill I highly recommend people to develop. Puts so much into perspective for me and it aids in helping people to process emotions and let go of what no longer serves. Our emotions help to guide and shape the decisions that we make every minute of our lives. The world around us along with the thoughts in our head trigger emotional reactions all the time. Much of what we do is motivated by a desire to change or maintain a feeling or state of being – to hold on to good feelings or to avoid bad or 'off' feelings seems to be the constant struggle within our lives every moment we are breathing. As I started to write this piece a dragon fly plopped with a slight click onto the table infront of me, then again on my computer wire and then my leg. This happened as I was contemplating my own thoughts this morning on what to write about. Then the other day my three cats were surrounding me jousting for the prime lap spot as they all gently pushed each other out of the way, lol. This made me chuckle with joy. This world and universe is truly amazing! Love really is in the air, we just need to resonate with it ourselves. I always reach inside to understand and see the hidden spirutal meaning in all things....according to the the spiritual meaning of dragonfly is deeply associated with change, transformation, and self-realization.

Apparently they represent personal growth, emotional maturity, and the ability to adapt, as they transition from living underwater to evolving into agile aerial creatures. The same with us humans, when we are in the womb in water and then being born here and evolving to breathing air.

Did you know that dragonflies also symbolize light, freedom, and connection with the natural world?

  1. Change and transformation

  2. Self-realization and personal growth

  3. Emotional maturity and adaptability

  4. Symbol of light and freedom

  5. Connection with the natural world

As for my cats, they are my Guardians and Healers, this is an absolute knowing within me and they are here for me. When I am not around the house they just sleep and are anxiously waiting for my return (as my family puts it). All of this makes perfect sense to me, synchronicities never cease to amazing me! Every day I am in a space of...hmmm what is this day going to bring to me? When you decide to pay attention to all the little nuances and actually feel and see the meaning - it automatically brings a comfort and a knowing on some level we are not alone and always supported. It can most definitely diminish syndical attitudes and the 'victim mentality' that can we within us. I know I am a bit different than most and there are many people like me, living in their own flavours. Time to be your authentic self. To be in the in-between sometimes feels like I am surrounded with love and Source is showing me a reflection from my own consciousness. I have always taken full responsibility for my own life creations, the good and not so good. On another note, the world and the conscious collective seems to be at a great tipping point but we won't recognize the calm which IS US at the core until we decide to look into the deeper meaning of things that happen to us or that we experience. I always reflect and realize that there is great peace and a joy that comes from going more inward to clear the cobb webs from my own mind and heart on a daily basis. I do encourage this silent sacred time for everyone to practice (especially at this time, this year). I too get into some headspaces to sort out my life stuff then I move them to my heart and have self reflection and self dialogue to shift out of what occupies my thought and heart to make them more coherent. Heart coherence is where the magic of love and life reside. Start with disciplining the mind and opening the heart to control the dialogues that keep strife perpetuating within our personal lives. It really is the simplest of things that make the most positive impact over time. Its like working your muscles and using weights. The muscles build from that and so does our ability to love ourselves and others more when we focus on ourselves. I have helped myself and others I is my Mission in life to inspire others to realize their true nature and transcend the limitations of the human experience. I do this though my pure intention to serve and help in the flavour that I AM. Life on this planet and as we know it is changing and outcomes will depend on your focus within mind and heart. Peace and calm does begin within the deepest aspects of the self. Have you heard the saying 'peace begins with me'?

Namaste! " I honour the light within you, from the Light within me'

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