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The untapped thinking-feeling potential within all of us. Part-1

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We all have this innate human potentiality that is available to us and is the pure product of our ability to think and discern. We need to start thinking about how we think. This topic of thinking has been coming up a lot lately in my client sessions and within conversation with others. Learning how to think in alignment with what we want and why. I consider this a superpower for sure, it is a way of thinking that is what you would call emotionally intelligent. So many people are unaware that the way they think maybe undeveloped emotionally. Emotional intellegence is a very important quality to hold and learn as it is a part of what can make us resilient. Emotions are not a fixed thing, what we believe is a strong conviction that effects our emotional state. Let's face it, we are an emotional race and it is a gift, so lets learn to use it wisely and to our advantage. We are affected by what we think and how other people treat us, it influences how we feel about ourselves. This can bring people to think that we have no control of how we feel. When we decide not to take charge of our emotions and responsibility for how we think we can come into a complacency within ourselves on how others treat us and how we need to be treated. It is not up to anyone or anything outside of ourselves to change, we must be our own change. When we are upset, we create the upset-ness by what we decide to think, say and do. We all have the power within us - this superpower to think differently. There are natural laws on this planet and one of them is the law of insertion - we can choose to replace our thoughts and words to bring about a new belief within ourselves. It’s a matter of deciding to think differently - to actually think about our thinking! I speak often about the force of will within each of us, it is a driving force that can change up any circumstance. To make and create change, the will within us stands up and can be the driving force, a catalyst to make a difference. We make our own feelings by the way we think and perceive. In my practice I notice so clearly that people are not distressed by things; they are distressed by their views and perceptions of things. This is where understanding emotional intellegence comes into play. Over the years I have played with many different techniques and philosophies within myself and have practiced all that I teach and convey in my sessions and classes with people. I have learned so profoundly that language is so very important for many reasons. Words, language and feeling are all tied into each other. Words are keys to effectively communicating the important messages and principles of emotional intellegence. Some may say this is a theory, I truly inner-stand it and use it as a way of being and connecting to people and this universe. I have learned though the years that people interrupt words and language differently. You need an awareness of how others hear words, interpret and understand language. Without this awareness we do not have a the complete ability to actually 'hear' what others are saying and meaning. Listening and hearing are two different things. Hearing is also a feeling, an interpretation of the whole meaning within the words and the feelings behind them. The human brain is an incredible organ, capable of deciphering sensory information from just a thought or impression that goes way beyond the 5 physical senses. This can enter into a whole other realm that we can operate in. When we recall a memory it can bring up other sensory recall that can make you taste, smell and feel; this is within our gift of imagination. If you think about it, it can bring in a visceral response within the physical body. We can imagine tasting something, we can imagine a feeling of emotion that can bring it right to the present moment. Emotions can be recalled and replicated as if the situation is taking place within the moment you are contemplating it. So the same can go for imagining something going wrong, we can feel it within our emotions, mind and body. The same theory can be played out with something going right. Our brain sends out signals to our body with chemicals/hormones that influence our thoughts and perceptions. Our mind, body and energy field all work together to stimulate weather it's real or imagined. Think about it for a moment… Its like imagining eating something sour, our saltatory glands kick in, when we imagine kissing someone we are attracted to, we can get butterflies in our solar plexus :) Same goes to thinking something upsetting or awful can happen to us, we kick into a hyper anxious state - our body starts to prepare us to push back, the adrenal gland hormones release the fight/flight hormones that course though our veins that create an uneasy and perhaps anxious feelings. In todays society we do not have to fight off wild animals we must learn to reflect unpleasant people and situations. Perceived situtations that are all around us. We are immersed in ever-present situtations that can result in automatic responses within our whole being. This is where we must learn to take a few seconds and check in with thoughts and thinking. If we decide to sit in the fight/flight mode for long periods of time we can potentially harm ourselves with the impact of stressing out our bodily organs and wear them down to be dysfunctional. This along with a pattern of thinking that causes an immediate anxious feeling, hence 'anxiety'. We have emotions and to me that is what makes the world go around…when we are in alignment with good thinking we can avoid so much pain. Our brain facilities emotions through perception, our body responds and releases hormones from our endocrine system. This helps us regulate neurochemicals, body temperature, digestion, heart beat and many other vital activities to accommodate precise and faulty perceptions. As a society, we may not have all been exposed to the same learning situtations and therefore have not developed a strong pathway in our brain that allows for rational thought to perceive rightly or wrongly. We may interpret incorrectly someone's words, actions or behavour which may lead to feeling a certain way, perhaps threatened which gets us upset, angry or sad. Many people may not know how to simply stop and shift or making the efforts to ask questions or express gratitude or forgiveness to change the thinking which changes the feelings. We as a people, a collective people are capable of immense emotional growth which can only go to service ourselves and all of humanity. We have choice to change or remain unchanged. It is all up to you, me and intention of personal will. Time to use the power of thought, the power of will to rethink words, be more in the heart space to move forward as a collective in the 'right' way of thinking. This is personal empowerment and the spirit of Divine. We can all improve our emotional intellegence and it takes the force of will to make it happen. Are you ready to make a difference? Namaste and peace my friends xo

Happy thinking!

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