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Become Conscious - 3 Tips To Creating Change in Life.

One of the biggest questions I hear from people that I coach is 'how do I make the change', 'tell me how to change', ( #theconsciousintuitive, #karenfiorucci, #createchange ). Sometimes it can be as simple as getting a notebook and pen and starting to think about what type of change is wanted or needed in your life. That process within itself takes a few days to a week of getting clear and writing down thoughts in a dedicated notebook or journal.

Tip #1 Be with your thoughts and feelings when you write down and ask the question to yourself "What do I want and need". Open up a notebook with two sides to an open page. Write down and ask yourself "What is it that I want and need". Most people desire a better relationship, to be more respected, to make more money, to meet new friends, to meet the perfect partner, to have a better job or career, to feel better in their body, and to feel passionate about something that brings happiness or satisfaction in some way. Take a few minutes each day and write down all things that come to you, do not omit or change what automatically comes, no matter how absurd or judgmental it sounds. Take at least 3 days or so to sit in contemplation with the question, keep writing in point form in columns, remember not to change or omit anything that comes to mind.

Tip #2 At the end of the few days or week. take a look at your list, see what correlates with each other, for example - loose weight, get toned, look into a nose job, create better skin, and follow better eating habits is all about looking after the body and emotions. So that is one goal with all of them combined. Then take a look at others and see what you can group together from the rest of the list. It could be that you want to 'feel more organized', 'paint the spare room for a office space, or get a 'new book shelve to hold your books'. Remember it is about what you want and need. It could be personal or your surroundings. Perhaps you have been thinking about it and just haven't made it a priority. This is a way to talk yourself into doing it. Do this for three themes or goals. Then decide in what priority to work on them 1, 2 and 3. This is a process of changing your thoughts and that means shifting your subconscious responses and patterns. This is the start to making change and talking yourself into it.

Using the example of the body as the first priority, you need to then take that priority to a new page in your journal or notebook and make a detailed list of affirmation and intentions towards that goal. Using the 'affirmation work' of Louise L. Hay is the best tool to use to shift the subconscious mindset from lazy to taking action. Do a search online and look up affirmations to assist you in changing your mind (for that particular goal, there are so many resources online). For weight loss or body toning you can use things like 'I am getting more inspired to workout every day', 'I am able to do anything I set my mind to doing', I love and appreciate my body and I am learning to love it more', 'I am fully capable of creating what I want', 'I crave nutritious food to heal my whole being' is just a few affirmations to give you an idea.

You create these lists and repeat them in the morning and evening to yourself without fail. Start to feel them as you say them, accept them as they work magically on your subconscious old patterns and programs. Put the list of affirmations and intentions in your phone with an alarm to read them or record them in a 'voice note' and listen to them daily. Or, write them on a 'post-it note' for your bathroom mirror, or in your car on your dash and take that 3 minutes and repeat them to yourself, feel the words. Do whatever it takes to get those words and vibration into your being and mindset. This slowly engages you to take more actions steps. This is the first step to changing your mind on what and how to make a difference in your life. Slowly work your way up to doing more. This is the key!

Tip #3 So, now you have the start of a working document and plan. This begins a new way of thinking that is tied to creating some action steps towards physically making a difference in your life. This begins some new actions steps towards making habits and processes to instill a new mindset of thinking which leads to change and inspiration. You can do this process for just about anything you want to start or create in life. Next step is to notice your thoughts and feelings (use mediation and or breath work to release any stress and focus on the good things that are unfolding). Keep repeating the affirmations until you start to make some action steps towards actually making a plan for meal prep and moving the body - what exercise can you commit to? Think of it and create a schedule. Talk to primary support people in your life, advising your changes and you want support. Create a comfortable spot for yourself, feel stronger in working a plan and give yourself a pat on the back for taking initiative. Next step is to then set a date to start. By this time you would have already made up your mind, started some new habits, feelings and created a purchasing plan or wellness plan and you will keep going with this until you see some results and feel some benefits! All change is a decision away! You are worthy and worth all the efforts! After all, you are the only one that can do it for YOU.


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