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The Mind Will Be Challenged These Next Couple Months

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As an intuitive I have noticed there are themes that are common amongst many folks and they go in waves. What I keep getting currently is that we must now be completely honest within ourselves. What is our truth? Time to live it. This blog is not my typical style of writing, it is intuitive is about conscious awareness of what the energy is this year. I trust if you are reading or listening to this, its time for more personal change for the preparation of upswing. Hold onto your light-belts folks! Be honest with yourself and own up to all choices and ill feelings that has made you put a mask on. When you are faced with raw circumstances, it's time to own them and realize that consciously and unconsciously you have created it and its yours to move through. Be honoring for yourself within your behaviour, be true to your words and unconscious actions, and how that may affect another. Words are powerful, thoughts are powerful! Hold yourself to an absolute with a moral fibre that is a high standard, a code of ethics, honestly and integrity. Treat others as you would like to be treated. That also goes for all the hidden things. Stand within a morality and know you are a creator. No room or space for any half truths anymore - it will make things very unclear - time to get more clear! Who am I, and what do I need? Hold yourself up to a standard of what you desire and how you would like to be treated. All you do your souls sees and knows and your breath is potently sacred - speak and share wisely. We will be going into the biggest shift and so this will equate to a strong alignment will stir up dense energy from within us, each of us, will come to the surface The inner work will pay off We will see on the collective plain, more things collapse. We will see it the next few months from all of society and governance. In this past full moon phase we will see big monumental shifting. Very transitional month moving into March 2023 The 13th of February, stirred up another round of dense energy from within and it will come to the surface. The inner work will be manifest now…release things, allow yourself to see it all, move through it all. Next few months will be very revealing from within yourself and the external world. Now to the equinox of March 20th, big shifts internally and externally. The consciosuness will shift upward. Ask to see and feel it. Observing those who have done their inner work, life will seem a bit easier. Perhaps try to feel more joy, put yourself into situations to feel more joy and peace while so much chaos is playing out within and around you. Those who hold the hurts and hate will feel the pull, the clash of lack of unity and togetherness. Its not about me, myself and I and the divide will also be seen. Things need to move to we, we, us and together. All needs will come to the surface. Clash of humanitarian vs. self centeredness Time to observe and witness it rather than dive into it. Time to release, embrace the new harmonic energies. Mind will be challenged with old patterns and thoughts - realize this. You don’t get triggered with a lie, when you are confronted with the truth you are holding a density and the disharmony or lack of resonance IS the trigger. Challenging the thought process. Holding a misalignment is what creates the disharmony. Many people cannot face the truths. Truth, ideals and beliefs need to shift. Confronted with the truth is what will make many people react. More emotional reaction is coming into play. We will see the polarity more than what we see now, it is time to clear the clutter. The mind will be challenged Truth will trigger and many can't face the truth Go in and ask for clarity...ask and you shall receive. We are use to reacting instead of contemplating. Stop living by opinion and assumption - that is what can cause more pain and suffering. When confronted with something to change - we usually react emotionally We get emotionally attached in ways that are so unbeneficial for yourself and the situtation you maybe in Grief and anger is a trigger of other things that may be within you to face. Go into your negative emotions you feel (sit with it, meditate with it) and you can move through it easier If the whole world would stop spewing negative emotions - we would all stop the suffering. So do your best to not pay attention to what the so called mainstream news is saying. We have been shaped into so many things with different shapes and sizes and moulding…that within it self causes friction. Be individual - within the confines of society. Experience vs. conform - start to live more. Energy of the full moon this past month was very powerful - we have been enslaved by planetary guardians that have ruled over our consciosuness. It will all be leaving! Themes could feel like abandonment, what to trust, mistrust and old wounds will all come up to be healed. We tend to hold past wounds and hold the present and future in the past. This is a mistake. Time to close the old ways and doors and open and recognize what you mistrust. Hold a faith and see where your expectations are. Positive, negative, high and low…it will be a pendulum swing - allow yourself to be swaying onto both sides until you come to a feeling of harmony, the zero point. Learn who people are, away from the masks they wore due to old wounds. Abandonment will be a theme, mistrust will be a theme - get out of your mind and into your heart. The compression will continue until is pops. This year it will pop! :) Be within yourself, extend your heart out wide! Give before you get. Extend more then it will be mirrored back to you! Vulnerability is a strength - open your heart. Weather it is loving someone or leave a situtation, it can be viewed as scary and unnerving. Loads of transitioning within this year will happen - try not to let it pull you apart You can choose to see past it or between it. Our perception is our truth. Stand up for yourself Those who have done their inner work, more and more we will be in more manifest. We are creator! March will be a big deal energetically. A lot of energy will be shifting again - we will be expanding in ways we won't be able to understand. We are a collective of the one world soul….its a consciousness shift. So many will awaken to more. What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger - right? Don't hold anything in…transcend it, transform feelings with meditation and moving your body. Put your knowing into a feeling and express it. Be the eye of the needle, the stillness amongst the storm Many will no longer be attached to the stories that they have been entertaining. Empaths can be more sensory awake but not to sensitive to be around people. We are now all sponges, awakening is being the sponge and connecting to what you are attracting. We are moving away from the dark, negative - time to move feelings and thoughts that keep us bound to that. Centred within yourself - harmonize within your body is the key to change. Emotional attachments to the narriatives outside the self must be let go, that is also a key Its not about being uncaring - it’s a matter of perspective of not emotionally attaching to the stories out there. Get to the point of sensory aware but not to sensitive to be around to many negative people. Places or circumstances. You will automatically shift. Time to get out of the inversion of light. Becoming more awakened and strong and these next couple months will show this. Every thought we have is not our own. We can attach to others around us…the difference is when you centre inside yourself you feel more of your own projection not what is coming at you. As you awaken and magnetize to your own bio field, more and better will come. You are a force and more and better will come. We are all attached to the quantum field of information We become more stable and sensory aware within yourself inside, regardless of the outside stories that are playing out. Amount of light or lack of light shining though you - you will see. Change - some may not be prepared for it, as something deconstructs another paradigm is resurrecting. I can help you with intuitive insights on what would be beneficial to you. Your soul has a story - this life has many stories to play out. Time to do more heart meditations and be more within heart - for yourself and everyone around you! It is time!

I am teaching another series of Meditation to connect to Higher Self in April, Offering another Intuitive Development Program also in April, Nutrition awareness in March and Teaching Healing Modalities in May. I am also still working on 'Children's Empowerment Books" for Parents, Teachers and Support Workers. No matter what you do as a career - do your best to help make a difference within yourself and others. Assist in rising up and raising the light essence on this magnificent planet, one thought and word at a time. Namaste my friends!

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