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What in the World is Going On?

I was reading something online the other day, and for the life of me I cannot find it again. So I am going to capture the essence of what I got from this piece with my own added insights. I speak these words calmly and with love.

I am feeling very removed from most everything lately...this feels like a place of big change and a big life shift. Not only for myself but for everyone! I am so not interested in what is playing out in the media in any form, fashion or shape. I do not sit in ignorance, I just simply sit in a space where this is not what I want to participate in. This is not the type or kind of life that I desire and want. Feels like we are sitting in more than one reality at a time here. Our own inner reality (and how we like to play that out in our minds) and the one that is playing out on the world stage). Some feel connected to it, and some feel very removed. There must be a shift in timelines because this is all nuts. As I sit here uninterested in this crazy earth experience it truly feels like we are all in the 'Twilight Zone' where everything is backwards and everything is what we can call 'bad' reverse to what is 'good'. Everything seems to be 'bad' except all the crap that REALLY is 'bad'. We all know what bad is and for some reason all 'bad' seems to be all good these days. What???

Wonder how many folks will decide to be pulled into this massive brainwashing program that has swept the entire globe and human race. Wonder how many will decide to take these so called 'vaccines' and I wonder how many will drop dead and get ill with autoimmune and other complications over the next few weeks, months and years (I do pray for everyone). Not from any flu but from the actual inoculation that has not been approved at all...anywhere, but there is a full steam ahead with the agenda. All you see is the C19 words everywhere on everything. It is only authorized and the rules and regulations to get these substances even 'authorized' was changed and manipulated to make it so. Why do we need a vax? we can do the work for ourselves. Why do we need these toxic substances when there is a 94% survival rate when we can boost our own immunity naturally? By the time many sleeping people figure it out, it really will be too late:(.

I have had a few of my clients ask me why I am not on social media blasting info about the 'C 19' and my answer is...I simply do not want to participate. I will gladly help those who seek my help, but I am not interested in convincing anyone, but I will inform. There will be millions that will leave this plant. If one cannot see the truths by now, then they are asleep perce. Many people realize that this is the great divide, this is truth time. Time to let go and support others' free choice for self destruction. We cannot live in a life of fear that changes to horror. This whole colossal mess is a horror show....I refuse to participate.

Sleeping in the stupidity of ignorance and listening to nonsense is beyond anything that I could comprehend. For many we see the truths within things, there are many others who are asleep and sit in the comfort of fears have a distorted view of the truths. This is the way it is. We all sit in different consciousnesses.

Please wake up folks...last chance! Since when is logic bad, free speech is bad, humanity is bad, freedom is bad, saying man or women is bad, do no harm is bad, socializing is bad, gathering with family is bad, honestly is bad, babies are bad, human nature is bad, opinion is bad, humour is bad, nature is bad, BUT censorship is good, and trafficing humans is good, murder is good, cancel culture is good, stealing is good, massive crimes against humanity is good, fear is good, lying is good, fake pandemic is real, fake global warming is real, fake vax are real, fake medicine is good, fake education is real, fake news is real and real news is fake...parents are afraid of their kids, physical contact is bad and fake science is real and real science is fake, communism is good, entertainment movie sets with fake presidents are real, culture are bad, fake riots and racism systems are good, all mainstream centralized systems are supporting the crazy...from education, medicine, to media and justice is all supporting the shear madness on this plant with an evil agenda. Us humans are being pushed into a corner and stripped from all Human-Being rights and essential freedoms. We are slowly being chased and stripped of our God Given Rights.

The sad thing is CNN could pour out a cup of poison and say - this will kill you and sleeping people will still drink it with a smile. The fact that many industry professionals didn't stand up a year ago and stop this insanity is beyond nuts itself -they are truly professional drones, asleep at the helm shuffling through the sheep as they pass by being good people, doing their part in keeping everyone safe. I am not interested in hearing people give justification to their slumber. People are concerned out what it looks like, how they will be ridiculed. I'd rather be ridiculed for not wearing a mask than to deprive myself of basic human needs of deciding about what is best for my body, mind and soul. We all makes our choices. I do get we are all being squeezed and some more hard than others.

There will be much awakening to come on planet earth, much truth to be spoken and all those industry professionals will be facing tribunals propagating massive unspeakable crimes against humanity.

Listen up people, this is all sick, backwards and insane! The mainstream media, politicians, tech vampires will not take the vax that is offered to you. This earth collective seems all so unreal, a very bad dream and a terrible B movie, an absurd plot that needs to implode, now. Yet, it keeps becoming more insane, more split, more polarized into nonsense. It is so backwards and the split, the great divine cannot come soon enough in my opinion. We are all in this on one level, but also divided on another. I want this to end, now. This paradigm is being broken down, it will die, not soon enough though. As these centralized systems die, it will and it is, communities need to become more self sufficient. We need to make a stand on what we want for your future freedoms.

To conclude, yes, this is an insane time on this planet. I have my opinions and feelings and this is the first time I have spoken about it in writing. I live in my own bubble, diving into sorting out my own circumstances and always improving my mind, body and soul. I choose to focus on my life, my work, my goals and my loved ones. This is life for me. I do not feel polarized on a daily bases, I do feel much emotion as an empath, so I do my own spiritual work to stay strong for myself and others.

I know it is a matter of time that we move into a newer earthly reality...this beautiful planet is cosmically lining up to bring in a new wave of energy that is sweeping across into every consciousness and living organism. You need to uplift your own thoughts and actions to align with your truths.

For those people who want a way out - there will be two ways. You can take the vax that will potentially create a cascade of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual issues and suffering or you can choose to go inward to change the outward expression of your life. You see we do have two realities we live in; your inner world and your outer world. The way you shape your inner thoughts does create your outer world experiences. I choose positive attitudes, a proactive mindset, what can I do, how can I make a difference for the better. I choose a life well lived no matter what circumstances are around me. No matter my perceived circumstances and hardships. I choose to see the beauty in all things, I choose to breath deep because I know there is more to come from every fibre of my being. I know that there will be better than what is. Are you willing to see it to? Namaste.


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