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Vulnerability is the Pathway to Strength and Growth, Now in December 2022

Updated: Dec 10, 2022

Listen to the the Blog below. Apologies for the audio - attempted this 3 times. :)

It is time to create and feed energetically what you want and need the most in this current climate and life. We have now hit another marker or milestone in our conscious evolution, opening to new frequency, new patterns, new awareness to evolve as an individual, as a collective and most importantly as a spiriutal essence playing out a physical role on this magnificent planet. As we move more into the holiday season, we will be distracted to acquire, buy and gather as opposed to being ok with feeling satisfied. It feels like an itch and we are bombarded with new and better, more and bigger. Do we really need that? Prosperity is one thing, acquiring more to have a sense of fulfillment is another. Where does the sense of fulfillment really come from anyway? Our brain or our heart?

Everything in this reality and world is frequency, energy and codes. We just don’t know what we don't know. When we can understand concepts of quantum alignment and quantum physics we can tap into a different perception of life and reality. Life and reality is not just about what we see and how we get distracted with things and circumstances. Hopefully the new coding and energy that is bask down upon us 'from the Creator' will be felt and integrated into our being this year. This will change and shift many of us for the better. Our light bodies are being exposed to interconnect and synchronize into our consciousness body into our light body as the integration goes full tilt for the balance of the year. This will also help us on other dimensional realities. As this occurs we may feel a sense of vulnerability on a physical and energetic level. So in layman's terms - you may feel off or odd but only in pockets or spirts of time. Time will also seem more odd, like going fast or slow. The evil is being asked to exist stage left of this planet! If it doesn't leave voluntarily, it will be transmuted away. It is happening now as you read these words. We will know and not know what has been going on behind the scenes, the world stage - it is better to not know much of that, but what we will continue to see is the lower operatives of evil doers suddenly just passing away or getting very sick and leaving. Recently on twitter Schwab has had two heart attacks, I am sure we will hear the demise of many corporate and political figureheads for months to come...going, going done! We need to become more in alignment with Creator Source energy and more upliftment on this planet. If you have not been able to unplug and disconnect from world events - it is time! Not asking for you to be ignorant, but wise. Realize everything feeds you and influences you. All radio, tv, mobile devices, smart devices, essentially all invisible energetic waves of low and strong frequencies make us sick mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually

! Pick and choose the amount of time on any and all electronics. Especially with gaming and kids. You will gravitate to what your polarity is, pay attention to it. We each have our own internal reality and we also share in an external one. However, what your reality and perceptions are maybe very different than someone standing beside you. My whole existance the past few years has been about how to serve in the highest way to help create a better reality here and now. We don't need to connect to millions of people to do that. We just have to be personally responsible for our input and output of thought, words, feelings and actions. Are you of service to people, places and things other than yourself? What you can do is to improve your life and the lives of those around you that you directly influence and impact. This means to align yourself from within, pay attention to what ales and excites you in the most profound way. I have been noticing many people talk about 'my anxiety' and how most are feeling defeated or not going to get what they want or need. It is best for everyone to not 'own' that word, but to realize what influences or causes an uneasy feeling and turn it around in your mind. Realize everything is temporary, including this moment. We are sitting in unsure political times of extreme crazy and some economic strategies from the government and banking that feel tight and uncomfortable. Remember that everything is temporary and to not play into the games of grand disception and lies. Tell yourself that you will find solutions and trust it as much as possible. That is everyone's job. The truths are coming out, and the name of the game is to bring awareness to your own heart, your own thoughts, your own mannerisms that keep you still and stuck and turn them around. One step at a time. There are also many things at play that will help to restore some balance and initiation into a more heart centred and aligned path. What is your vision for your future? Your kids future? We are creators! At this point you are either on the side of positive or negative. No more being on the fence. We have moved into a timeline of Source energy alignment, the Golden age. This energy has not been on this planet for over 3 million years. Congratulations, we are basking in the light and the dark essence cannot strive or survive in the way it has been for hundreds of years. We are seeing the breakdown and we will start to see it more in the mainstream news. The negatively inclined folks do have a window of time to shift up, the positively inclined souls will continue to see more and feel more pockets of peace inside as the days go by. There have been some negative distorted energies that have been removed from the earths matrix that will bring about release of addictive and self destructive behaviours over these coming weeks. I have felt all along that what we will come to realize is that IT IS UP TO ME attitude. It has always been that way and it will be even more so as these next stages of spiritual soul initiation continue and gain momentum. We won't look and seek outside of ourselves as much. This is the truth! We choose our thoughts, we choose our poisons. The energies on this globe are increasing and that can only mean good for us in the short and long run. For those who have children or look after children, we do our best to present concepts and expression that will help them cope and we also shelter them from things that do not matter to their daily lives. We need to do the same for ourselves. Filter out what is garbage - you know the sayings - garbage in, garbage out; what you think about is what you bring about, also, what you give is what you get, and lest we forget… what you give comes back ten fold. They are all true in energetic terms of how Universal Laws work on this planet. Now more than ever we need to embody more light and be in the highest expression of what we are at the core of us, which is eternal spirit that you develop within yourself from the core of you being a Creator Source Light. This relationship is most important right now. We are moving through this in stages, steps, and we must continue to hold a loving patience within this awakening process. We are like a delicate flower that is needing to unfold the outer petals first before we can be within our full glory and beauty. We have a spiriutal anatomy that needs to be taken care of just as we take care of our physical body. Many have not been exposed or brought up this way in a typical house hold. We go though different stages of connection to all of what our Soul is. But not everyone wants to live from this space. As the ego and power structures continue to break down, we will evolve into more. We are emotional beings - which is such a gift from our Creator, and this tends to have implications of feeling broken. Vulnerability is the pathway to strength and growth. As we integrate more with our Soul body layers we can activate our true emotional body which is a reconnection with our heart. This can be felt very deeply and that can lead to more awakening and spiritual experiences. We will and can feel more God Source Creator force. This can be intense at times which leads to healing all bodies of light. Healing a broken or fragmented heart and soul which can feel like a wave of love. This also helps to clear out certain shadow aspects which requires you to be real and emotionally mature. A lifestyle of more patience, healing, self respect and honoring is the plan. Your participation and process of higher awareness embodiment by understanding your personal limits that is good and not good for you is key here and now. For now, if you want more Soul aspect connection within yourself to feel more whole and complete is the name of the game. I offer you here a simple statement of declaration and intention this holiday season and beyond. You can say daily to help create a way of life. All you need to do is say and feel the words from your heart space daily. "In the name of Source Creator, I command my Spirit: to release all the negative and unwanted energy of other people, beings places and situations to be washed away from my aura completely and perfectly. Please redirect into the Mother Earth and dispose of or transmute properly. So be it, be it so!” Then give thanks! Please know and remember how important your breath is in shifting your nervous system. Most people know that taking a deep breath can help them feel better, but there is actually more science to it than that. Recent studies have found that controlling your breaths with deep breathing can influence the neuronal oscillations in the brain—particularly where it is related to emotion. Proof will be in the pudding… Until next time…breath deep, do some research and limit electronic use, ponder all good things and ask for help from Soul aspects from within yourself and all around you.

Love and Light to all xo

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JT Griffin
JT Griffin
Dec 08, 2022

Incredible message Karen! Deep breathing is the most important but underestimated exercise to practice daily. Keep spreading your love and light as we need it now more than ever 🙏

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