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This Timing on Earth is a Test of Spiriutal Strength

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We are moving into greater alignment of Divine blueprint of Source loving energy and the alignment of true masculine and feminine energy on this planet. What this means is we are sorting out consciousness codes from the inside out. On the outside we will feel some tugs and pulls from certain aspects that have been keeping us stuck and still. That could be in the forms of sorting out human stuff, relationships with the self and others, and anything that needs healing from Body, Mind and Soul aspects. This can play on your moods at times and this also can be some aches and pains in the physical body. Do your best to not feel you are falling apart, this is a time when your mind/heart need to be more discerning. This is also the time to go more inward and ask for assistance, open your heart space and align your thoughts to achieving long awaited experiences. No matter how challenging things are, where there is a will, there is a way. There is a gateway opening into more of a sacred union that is being celebrated within the higher dimensional heavens that is uniting aspects of our Universe to receive more angelic help, inspiration and healing into a flow of purifying dark aspects that have kept this planet and all living things hostage and in ignorance. The way this world has worked was designed to keep our perceptions limited. This will no longer be the case as we continue to move forward in what we call time. There are natural laws on this planet that have been diluted, watered down percé. We are now shining in the light of Creator and it will continue to intensify. We feel this like internal combustion with aches and pains. We will also see many people that can't live in this light or has decided its time to go, go. Their souls will leave the physical body and vacate this planet. This is all by design. We do not want our loved ones to leave, but we will see and hear about many folks, friends, neighbors and family members leaving to finally be within the higher side of life from on Soul perspective, we are no longer stuck here to reincarnate. Have you noticed the sun lately? Wow, the eminence of light and the sheer brilliance is not easy for the naked eyes to witness or look at even for a few seconds. You can use this as a marker or symbol of what is also going on within you on a sacred level. We are moving into a time of personal and earthly alignment of more and better, they say it is darkest before the dawn. The ability for unseen forces to infiltrate and separate us from our true aspects of source love is becoming less and less. This means more spiriutal freedom and insights for those who seek it, embody it. What we are witnessing (when you ask to see truths) is a play on our consciousness and fundamental aspects that are apart of Source Loving God Creator. For those who do not believe in higher powers or have a connection to their spiriutal side will think these words are a bunch of fluff and new age gibberish. However, proof will be in the pudding as these weeks and months progress forward in a new energy and light. For those who seek the truth it is most important to be patient and continue to go inward in the heart space, this will continue open up the upper heart essence. When we decide to pay attention to our feelings (true feelings) vs. thoughts - the answers will be more than obvious. The ego based perceptions are being dismantled, negative aspects that have been designed to stop us from reaching higher spiritual connections within our personal expressions. My personal journey has been quite a ride and I know from my healing work and counselling of others this past decade that the plight of 'intuitive sensitives' has been a tough road internally and externally. I have been so privileged and feel so grateful to be able to rise myself up enough with heart to earn the privilege to attract like minded souls on my journey as well as the contrast to learn from. I choose to be the difference and the help and guidance for those who seek more awareness and personal empowerment. This clearly is my calling. I am blessed. Living in the contrast also has been most rewarding as well as heart wrenching. We may not see this right away - hindsight is 20/20. To not be understood and to be looked down upon from Ego based folks and personalities has helped me to grow a thicker skin and getting there can sometimes be a painful and lonely path (most empaths can say this with conviction). It is an ebb and flow of temporary, remember that, always please. The timing we are in , on this planet is the test, the real test of strength from the heart. Many that I know as friends, family and clients also have lived in isolation until such times of self actualization and embodiment of personal will and strength. This strength is a spiritually based one as well as heart (which is the same thing in my opinion). To stand in your own autonomy and will of knowing and feeling your truths is most rewarding. This has been my experience as a strong empath, seer, intuitive, mother and healer...but I too had to climb many mountains, cross many rivers and float above the nonsense with a standard I needed for myself and this has evolved my emotional intelligence and determination to just accept and BE me. I have learned to hold my own, no matter what. Hold and covet a faith of more love, more wisdom, more of the good, rewarding stuff in life. I so look forward to more and better. Through leaving my corporate job and diving into the untethering and unwinding myself from programs and perceptions of delusion, distain and qualities that I desired to NOT participate in has been nothing short of torment at times. Felt like it was truly me against this world. I had no real mentor that held my hand or showed me the best way to be. I went inward and asked the real questions to seek a path that would be worth while enough to stay healthy and somewhat happy on this planet. To be happy or have a steam of feeling happy or content feelings seemed like a chore and not easy to obtain on a daily bases. Remember, it is a choice to be happy. Its a choice to be positive, it is hard work to keep that momentum up as there have been energies and matrices that have hooked into our brain 'computer' to hijack our happiness and good feeling energies. Remember nothing is outside of us, everything is within. Time to understand that concept. Ponder this for a moment...why does it seem so hard to maintain a happy or joyful feeling? Why? I do not beleive it is our true nature to be in misery and to have such lack when it comes to the heart and basic needs. I also understand that not everyone is created equal or ticks the same way. Not everyone wants to live in a happy state or way because for them it is about getting, acquiring or conquering and they have less empathy or ability to love for themselves and others. It is a human condition that has been put upon us in the western world. Everyone wants love, most people seek it. I have learned that you must be it, feel it, own it in order for it to come to you more freely. When we hold fears of any kind, it keeps us stuck and still like a poison and if you actually step back, take a breath and think about it, observe it, feel it, it will speak volumes to you. Learning to gain more and a different perspective sometimes could be a very daunting path, but it is one that we must all face and or be on at times. Pay attention to the things that make you upset or uneasy and pay attention to your own internal chatter, your words to self, notes to self - are you creating a negative mindset by thinking you won't get more of what you want? Is that your truth? Do you want it to be your truth? If not, stop, cancel, clear and delete those thoughts and replace them with what you desire to see and feel - time to create a new belief system for yourself - words create and have force! What do you feel when you wake up in the morning? What do you focus on or feel when you fall asleep at night? If you can reflect and see that your personal thoughts and vibrations are sitting in the less than feeling grateful or somewhat happy category - then its time to change those thought patterns to being more optimistic and cut out the influences that keep you down, stuck and still. This is your job. Sometimes this means that we need to let go of people, places and things, this is never easy. Taking the road less travelled can be an uneasy place, space but one that must be felt in order to create more and better for yourself. Is it time to look at things differently and get out of your own mind and thinking? Is it not? Time to sleep better and create a more fulfilling existance and experience, regardless of life circumstances. Everything is temporary and changes all the time. In my opinion the medical establishment doesn't look at the whole person, the whole self when it comes to healing or diagnosing. Sometimes we need more than a quick fix, and true healing comes from the whole being, body -mind and soul. It's time to not own labels and there is never a quick fix in popping a pill to make your heart sing or your eyes brighter. Lately many have been coming to me and owning a depressive feeling and call it 'poor mental health' or 'depression or anxiety'....what creates that? There are many factors as we are complex beings...regardless of genetics, or circumstances we can all choose to see the positive and decide to do things differently if what you have tried is clearly not working. And no...its not about popping a different pill to be numb, its about taking a closer look at thoughts, body toxins as well as eating and moving your body to learn to thrive. Starts with a plan, a basic plan, an intention of wanting more and trusting you can create it. It is within you to make some change. Just start one small aspect, talk yourself into it, then allow and let the momentum take over! That is how it works. Many depressive feelings in the body and mind are about a lack of nutrition, start with that. Improve what you have in your control and then that will open doorways and passage ways to having enough energy to make some more change. It is within your ability to do, than do it. Takes enough love for yourself or family to jump into doing little simple things that will make a difference in the long run. This holiday season, enjoy what you can, take a perspective that you wish to enjoy and accept - be more in the moments that create your life. Remember, each thought creates, so think better and more and see how that plays out. Eliminate poor choices and influences that keep your mind in a trap. Listen to music that makes your heart sing, look at people and ask to see the good, be accepting of what IS and just realize what is within your scope and influence of change - I promise you, it can and will lead you into more and better - one minute at a time, one hour at a time, one week and month at a time. Wishing you many heartfelt moments for the balance of this year and may you have the fortitude and will to take some quiet time for yourself to contemplate your preferences and focus on them using your personal autonomy and audacity to create better and more for yourself. If you need a hand to hold or support, seek it from someone who has your back and loves you, or someone who can help you with insight on what can catapult you into more and better from the inside out. Remember to sit quiet and meditate on answers for yourself. The things that are worth while sometimes are not the easiest to move through. You can do it! May you see new horizons as this year comes to pass, as we move into more light and Source filled energy on this planet and within your Soul-heart consciousness. May you be more for yourself and all others. Blessings to you and yours always and in all-ways. Namaste xo

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