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The Road to Good - Find your Inner wisdom

This is another blog I wrote and didn't publish back in Aug 2013. (These words can still apply to my life so congruently:)

It finally feels as if I can breath fully again. There has been so much happening with so many things as of late, and I'm excited to say it wont stop so hold on tight to your light belts! I say this with an inner chuckle and a warm heart because I truly know when you decide to feel the pain...your will all get much easier from there. It is within that turning point you have made some profound leaps of adjustments on many levels. On the surface you will feel lighter, your tears will have dried up and if you do not choose to focus on what you are still feeling vs. what you have let go then to make room and space for what is to come! It can always be viewed at the glass is half full (all the time and feeling it) vs. the glass is half empty. Another surface level signal of a shift is noticing how good your body feels vs. what gratitude to noticing your knee doesn't bother you any more and no more headaches, oh! and I am sleeping so much more soundly. It is within the ease of each day we can still appreciate it being in your life and asking for more of it.

It has been months that my appetite has been really off. Weeks on end talking myself into putting solid foods into my mouth. I desire liquids, teas, water, I also drink nutritious shakes and green drinks and every day I check in with myself and nourish myself daily. I lost a couple jean sizes but the way I view it - I feel good, look good - so then it is all good!

The road to good is sometimes seemingly uneasy at times. I find the best strategy is to feel it, allow it to work through you. If you need to cry - oh go ahead and cry! But... do so in knowing you are releasing energy and feelings that you do not want. Instead, what many do is cry but with feeling sorry for themselves in some way and holding onto it. If you cry with the feeling you are letting it go - then you are doing just that! Letting it go.

Always know that when you are going through a difficult time emotionally that it is always temporary. View situations as temporary and they wont feel so significant. Be more for yourself!


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