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Still Learning to Master my Life

Learning to Master my life...was written by me 03/20/13 and I can still say I am learning. I thought I would share this and add to it at the end....

Empowerment is such a big word lately. It feels as it is. Self reliance, internal power, fortitude and strength that comes from within is in essence the full fruition of personal ambition to be, do and live the way you desire.

I was asked a 4 years ago if I felt powerful. I didn't comprehend exactly what I was being asked. Depending where you sit on your life journey - you could answer that from a few different perspectives.

I felt my answer was, no. I was not within my full power and that was not my goal but it certainly tweaked my curiosity. As I ponder what it would feel like being within myself in a silence of strength and believing I could get what I desired most and it was mine for the taking.

How does one Master their own life? Many would have opinion about that and what it would look and like feel within their own existence I say with confidence that I have stepped into the understanding of Mastering my life. I also have learned that for one to Master their life, they must see things with no glasses on. No filters or corrective intervention. It must be from your own self perspective and with a focus of a clear heartfelt direction that only comes from within...a very deep intrinsic space that only your soul takes its direction from.

I had the gnawing urge and clear direction from the biggest part of who I am to be authentic and to no longer "deal with" or "be in" situations that was not honouring to who I am at the very core and heart of my eternal being. I am still learning to Master my Life :), and the road is not smooth at times but when and only when you are will take it, and boy oh boy, you wont be disappointed!

I am on a continued path now in August 2020, it feels so authentic, interesting and now more than ever do I feel a sense of personal empowerment that I can accomplish what I set out to do, somehow, someway!



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