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Updates on Energy, Be the Light!

Updated: Mar 7, 2022

It is November 15, 2021 Things are Rising Up...Do you feel it?

We are incredible times people, everything is ramping up.

To me it feels as if the light has taken a stronghold, meaning that we are in a trajectory of a very positive outcomes but it's hard for many to see or feel it.

We all need to work toward a positive and conscious mindset. End of story.

Because the paradigm within peoples mindset is focused on everything external and it is not peoples fault perce.... what is taking place is a consciousness, a unity field that is stronger more deliberate and is available to everybody. This helps to change and shift life in a positive way. The thing is that you need to recognize that within your inner space within your mind and heart.

You need to recognize the delusion of fear anger worry in negativity when your starting to notice that is when you will see something else and that something else is about waking up. It is about snapping out of that particular reality bubble that you've put yourself in.

And so what feels really good right now is is that there's so much that can be available when you do your inner work there is so much light so much God code so much frequency that is available for us to soak in. Ask for help and when you decide to go more internal with paying attention to your thoughts paying attention to the fear based our reactions paying attention to how good you feel or how good you don't feel a this can trigger an awakening for everyone or anyone. .... Listen to the Blog

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