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New Perspective on Mercury Retrograde - Upgrade Your Thinking

Oh here we go again, 'having to go through another Mercury retrograde', seems to be the attitudes amongst many. Every January and February culminates feelings and situtations that flood in with unexpected blunders. They could manifest in feelings, thoughts of being stuck or not experiencing life in a pleasant way. It is not just about creating new plans and making resolutions to make things better or different. It also is an attitude which is a large contributing factor in how you feel and react to life.

There is no coincidence that at the beginning of every year, we start to feel like we need a clean slate or need to deal with things, feelings and situations that seem like they challenge us in ways that feel too tight and sticky. It is a good thing to want more and better, right? There are always reasons for everything that happens to us, around us and within us. Depending on your personal vibration and perceptions we can gravitate to focusing on what we do not want more than what we do want. This is a conditioning of thought and reasoning that we learn within the structures of education, family and government. You don't know what you don't know until you know it.

I was recently having discussions with clients about how the first quarter of the year really can be a challenge in many ways. By March things always seem much more brighter and lighter (and warmer in the northern hemisphere of this planet). But we do not need to look at it like that or feel it in any way that is reflective of being negative. There is always a silver lining in everything (and in this case, this year - golden lining). So hear me out your best to look at things in a different way. Mercury Retrograde can be a very good thing! Aside from some magnetic pulls and pulses that are strong, we can take this time to see ourselves and circumstances more clearly to make change and use it to our advantage. Mercury Retrograde has a terrible reputation at best, but I now understand that Mercury going retrograde should be celebrated, not dreaded. I am sharing what I have come to know and use within my own life. Every time any planet goes retrograde, especially Mercury, there are so many articles and memes about how everyone should mentally brace for impact of things going wrong. Malfunctions, computer crashes, lost orders, misrouted emails and a bunch of other technological and communication-related mishaps. This inevitably can causes panic, advising folks to just stay in bed. The irony of this is, Mercury does in-fact enjoy to stir up a bit of stress while it is in retrograde. So the flood of articles about how it negatively affects you is already in action, is it not?

A planet in retrograde is defined as when a planet 'appears to be moving backwards' in its orbit. The planet is not actually going backwards—it only appears this way because of our vantage point from planet earth. Mercury is always moving forward from its own perspective; it is only us earthly folks that see it differently. In astrological terms, when a planet is retrograde, it is a strong pull or call for us to look within and focus more on our own inner world and focuses.

So, Mercury goes retrograde three to four times a year for around three weeks or so—this is just enough time enough to pause and take a look at our progress without spending too much time dwelling on them. Also, Mercury rules communication, mental processes, technology, and transportation. These are important things that often dominate our time and attention.

I am by no means an astrology expert, but I do know and understand from some research that the nature of Mercury retrograde is simply an opportunity that can allow us to check in and put the universe’s gifts into perspective, so we can be more productive, efficient and communicative (with more ease). This will help you to understand yourself and others on a deeper level. With that, Mercury wants to ensure you are paying attention to details, communicating in an authentic way and never running on autopilot. This planet alignment will do whatever it takes to get you to look inward, so if Mercury and the Universe has to throw in some spice to get your attention, it will. When Mercury retrograde is asking you to question the ‘Why’ behind all the mishaps that unfold. Instead of being so upset about a delayed project, ask what is needed to take the project to the next level. If your flight is delayed, ask what the reason for change or delay is. Was there something more important that needed your attention? Hmmmmm. Use any perceived hiccups during Mercury retrograde to guide you to a deeper understanding of the situation or yourself. It really is an opportunity to slow down and reassess your current path. The universe is always speaking to us, and the seeming chaos of Mercury retrograde can just be another way to provide valuable feedback—if you want it. Remember to take every opportunity (Even ones disguised as mishaps) as steps forward towards a more fulfilled and aligned YOU.

I came across this detail in a meme from ask-angelsdotcom. Makes so much it into your life and re-thinking :)

This timing is great to:















So with all of this said, continue into 2021 with a new relationship with Mercury Retrograde. Take every opportunity to dive deeper into the unseen and the influences that shift us into slowing down and doing our internal work so we are more prepared to take off with the speeds of life without a retrograde influencing us. Blessings to you in every cycle you experience on this magnificent planet!


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