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Mastery of the Conscious-Self is in Play Right Now - A Conscious-Intuitive's Perspective

Updated: Oct 13, 2022

A warm hello friends, as we continue to move into more confusion in the external world, it's time to create more balance and a comfort from within the deepest aspects of who you are as a Soulful aspect of creation. This piece is about triggering awakening Source aspects within you, I only work with the light expression of who I am, who I have been, and who I will always be within the Divine.

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So many of us live within the construct of this physical life, muddling through feeling helpless or not good enough and we teach this to our children. It is time for this cycle to stop. We don't know what we don’t know. We actually really know very little. We are a fragment of who we are in totality of the One Source, learning and growing. I have also come to inner standing that we are truly magnificent and that is why we are in this mess. A spiritual war over our connection to the true One-Source. There have been many great distortions within what we have been spoon-fed to believe. For the past couple decades on a spiritual plane, we have been in a great battle over our sovereignty. We have felt it hit us within politics, Hollywood, social media manipulation and the weather environment. Regardless of what is thrown at us, the majority of us have something special inside that the dark cannot ever possess. No matter what hardship we may endure personally or as a collective, if we have an internal faith of being more of the light, we can overcome anything! What can stop some of us from seeing and feeling more is our own ignorance within the ego, stubbornness, anger, and all lower vibration thought forms. I have come to embrace so much and have climbed my own mountains, swam through my own turbulent currents and mudslides and crawled through experiences of my own making (as with everyone else). I have learned to take full responsibility for my own life, essence and existence without feeling victimized. I have grown though heartache and disappointment and woke up to realizing my life is up to me! I have learned to live more deliberately throughout the past 20 years, to embrace the heart, and worked for more and better. It was through all of my personal trials and tribulations that I have learned to unfold myself, learn to heal and remove the self-imposed restrictions and judgements of my humanness - then and only then can we see the other layers of reality and possibilities to strive for, to keep moving forward within heart and compassion. Many folks are thwarted into more confusion as we can get mixed up in the narration of the external drama and the foolish dogma that is being projected upon humankind, mankind and all living organisms. We are in the battle of the wills, an internal construct of breaking down the illusion of the tangible vs. the intangible. Hold no fears! We are all working through our own illusions of fear. Some fears we can see, and some are subconscious from past experiences from this life and others. When you recognize you are in fear - stay there and go inward, connect with your heart, and ask yourself questions of what is real and not real. Your own truths will be revealed to you. As we continue the ascent into more awareness of self and discover more truths within the self-mastery path, we can feel as if nothing is at arm's length to grab hold and or behold. Please know this too is also a part of the illusion to see through. The key to more within this physical life has to do with how much you focus on creating different for yourself. The old ways of paying attention to what the brain is obsessing about is a preposterous implosion on our Soul aspects - to keep us stuck and gain self-mastery is to face what irks us the most, to walk through the discomfort that keeps us up at night. When we ask for solutions and get out of our own way…what is meant to be, will show up. We align to higher timelines of our potentials as Soul beings living in an incarnated, fragmented experience. We have all asked to be here whether we believe that or not. We have all chosen our paths, believe it or not. It is important to stay focused and grounded, especially in this last quarter of 2022. This year is a major planetary initiation of certain Soul aspect activations to help us push forward into new refreshing frequencies to embody. When we start to embody more of these God Source light-codes, we feel it with some confusion or obstacles to overcome. The best attitude to hold, is of 'resilience and audacity to overcome whatever seems to be in your way'. We must teach our children to have inner strength and a backbone with a strong smile. This year leads us into a new dimensional convergence into higher aspects of self, within ourselves. From the creator level, we will and can experience aspects from the higher inner-dimensions, corridor worlds, the spaces in-between that are very pure. We will all eventually learn and remember to pay attention to the inner being and sense the need to explore awareness of what life is, from within that wholesome expression. It makes no sense to deny yourself life experiences, to hold back from learning because you are uncertain of the future. This is preposterous if you give thought to it. No one knows what tomorrow will look like until we are there. You can learn to shape your tomorrow by what you think and do today. One hour, one day at a time. We live in a world of cause and effect. Time to learn how to play this game of human life on this Earth planet. As we continue to be bathed in new frequency the pathways to the old are closing shut and this causes a pressure feeling that can feel like it is building up and at times can be very uncomfortable. We may feel this in our hearts and in our physical body. As these doors close shut, certain memories of the past can haunt us with memories of trauma, ill experience, and bring to mind some unfinished business with others. There are also memories that you can still embrace with much joy (many people are experiencing some memory loss; this is by design). You may feel like you are walking through grief and see grief all around you at times. Many will experience these aspects to evolve in a different direction with great emotion. Some emotions can be felt very deeply as the old hard ways of living and breathing on this magnificent planet are working its way out of this realm! Each of us are now being reshaped, repositioned, reconfigured in some form or fashion to be ready and open for true awakening in the organic positive timelines within new beginnings. These new beginnings are the self-mastery of deeply knowing our authentic spiritualized version of being in this human experience on Earth. Like the phoenix rising from the ashes, we will arise out of the ashes from the greatest Divine aspects within us. :) We just don’t know what we don’t know. The magic here is that we have no clue how we will unfold. One thing is for sure, what we think and feel shapes outcomes in this reality. So, think in aspects of achieving, being, doing and having what you desire the most in the expression you are. It's never too late to create change. We are in times of heartache and tragedy around the globe. We must believe something more and great is in alignment for us, with Source Love it can be birthed…it happens within us first. We are in the most powerful anti-human agenda that has ever been seen in many generations, in modern history. The history we have been taught is a grand lie with so much more to know (we will be shown and told in the coming months and years). This is a battle to the death, to the death-culture. So let's open the flood gates to higher aspects of prosperity and creation on this planet within this timeline of existence. As we continue to avoid disaster after disaster throughout this year, we will absorb more light-body activations through the planetary grid network. When we see in the mainstream news, any major change to anybody of control or hierarchy (like in England, royalty, Russia etc.), we are witnessing a breakdown of the old paradigms to make room for the new. There is no choice, Source-Creator has spoken! You may get glimpses and portions of the truth on mainstream media but mostly if you seek alternative media outlets within intention to connect to the truths for you, you will find it. Seek and you shall find! Cosmically we have been deliberately kept from certain knowledge of who we are and the purpose of our existence here. The agenda was to invade this planetary body and convert it into dark A.I. control. A type of aggressive 'take over' of human consciousness that had been planned for a very long time. We have other worldly beings assisting us within this awakening evolution timing, with only success to be our full expressions as an outcome. There has been an anti-Christ agenda embedded in many aspects that influence us, our brains, bodies and mostly our consciousness (this is mostly subliminal and symbolic). This can affect our natural loving connection to Source-Creator-God - all loving, all-encompassing goodness within and for ourselves. I have come to inner-standing that we are now able to receive, accept, and embody more of that pure essence of Source-Creator light codes to keep us in alignment with these ascension codes of truth (which is fully embracing and embodying our highest aspects). I inner stand that the dark essence is being dissolved and chased away by cosmic forces sent to awaken us in the Golden light of Christos Energy. The cloaking of the dark A.I. agendas are being exposed and choked out with upgraded sacred geometry that adds to our innate God Source powers. The key is for us to realize who we are and speak up from within ourselves. The way to do this is an inside job of sorting our personal thought forms. Move from any pessimistic, negative thoughts to imagining and speaking outload how you would like your reality and life to be. The Celtic regions of the planet and the Vatican have been infested with dark underworld portal systems that feed the dark matrix - from England to Ireland to Scotland and back. This is all being cleaned up and it will take time. The dark ones that keep this alive are fading as they will do this to their bitter end. In stating this, we are now in our final stages of rising up to our Spiritual mission which brings us right back to today, here and now…we are enduring the final aspects within this timeline of spiritual wars which influence the feelings of hardship and challenge as a Soul aspect living in a physical reality and body. We are in a military control takeover of human consciousness with the agendas to inoculate everyone and hack into their mainframe within their brains to gain control and make everyone compliant (yes this sounds a lot like a star trek or galactic movie). Well, there are many who have seen and smelled this time coming and many are not going to ever buy into the nonsense of this façade. We sitting in great times when the lies are being exposed. The undercurrent of evil doing is being displayed in the nonsense of politics and geopolitical games that have been going on for millennia. There are many star seeds, light grid workers and old wise souls ready in waiting to be activated fully to help push this earthly world into a more glorious state. We do not do this by just being idle and watch as our liberties get taken away, bit by bit. We stand affirming within ourselves and create with a clear mind and heart. We do this by accepting where we are personally, and focus on more and better, one thought at a time. We are creators and we create through what we think, say and do - as vibrational-frequency Soulful Divine Beings. We are helping to collapse the inversion, the blasphemy to the only one true Loving and Living Divine Source-Creator-God (Christed Embodiment of Light). As Spiritual essence and beings of Christed Embodied Light, we are here on a mission. We are here and there; we are multidimensional beings playing out a story line here to raise the planetary body to help liberate this part of the universe and multiverse into new higher dimensional planes of existence (on one level). Essentially, we have come here at this point in time/space to work together and focus on realizing who we are and wake up to participating deliberately in upward evolution of our human species. We are in the thick of it and the balance of this year will feel even more dense if we do not decide to ask for understanding within ourselves. We may feel an overwhelming feeling of wanting to escape at times, to escape that which holds anti-human self-destructive chaos and madness or perhaps just escape this life. Sometimes we just want to escape our own environments in home or work life. Choose to not focus or believe what makes you uneasy. Choose to believe you have the internal power to change your perspectives and focus on solutions to every situation you encounter. Choose to not pay attention to the mainstream news outlets and the parrot mentality of just going along when the going gets tough. When you were learning to walk, didn't you keep trying even though you fell down? You wanted to get up and be more independent, your family encouraged you, comforted you. Ultimately you did it for yourself. You learned to walk, jog, jump and run…that is what we need to relearn - the internal instinct to never give up! To find and hold your internal goodness of more and better to improve your life, no matter what comes at you! Find that God-given Source-will and determination that makes you, you! Everyone will not resonate with these words, especially if you do not believe in a higher power or hold a consciousness and desire of learning about the truth of your existence as a Light being. Some simply are here to experience the physical reality with no reason to explore faith or Christed energy. That is okay, to each their own. You may have a few folks in your life that look at this in this manner. That's okay too! Accept and be within your own truths. We must reach up to the new future timelines that are waiting for us…you are either awake or currently asleep as we are all under a dark aggressive force that we must walk though. Love will show you the way - when you decide to embody more light, inner knowing with prayer and desire for everyone to feel good, feel blessed (that is the difference). We are incognizant of what we don't know. We are many and we are here and have prepared lifetimes to be the Love that Source-Creator is, to do our very best to be the embodiment of wisdom and heart to play this human game to achieve a consciousness of knowing we are more and better. To be fearless in the times ahead, to awaken to your true nature of loving kindness from the compassion that you are within. We will be returning to the knowledge of lifetimes and other aspects of other selves. What we have been; what we are, and what we will always be! Learn to build the loving architecture of compassion around you, within you for you and all living things within our highest expression here. No one will be left behind; we are eternal and forever…. We must realize that many who decide to be out-front-and-center speaking against the mainstream narratives may continue to endure dark agenda campaigns. Question why so many cannot speak about the truths about spiritual awakening. The ones who are meant to be a force on this planet for the good, have thicker skins, a deep reverence for living in a compassionate way as well as emotional intelligence and maturity to handle this type of responsibility and knowledge. Pray for those who play that role in helping us all liberate this planet and this reality. Learn to make a difference for yourself and others around you. If you can offer a kind gesture, offer it. That can look like a smile, holding the door open for someone, or offer to help someone in need. Please take time to send loving energy to those you know are lost or suffering. It is easy to be upset. It is easy to be mad, it is easy to judge, it is easy…then we go through a vicious circle of feeling badly for our behaviors. In hindsight we can see more clearly - perspective is the key. When you have nothing good to say, don’t say it. We can all learn how to formulate sentences to encourage and improve vs. deflate and hurt. My friends, the unholy trinity is falling and crumbling as each day passes. We are moving towards a light of knowing and one day we will come to realize it. We will not be in suffering while our true essence gets diminished within a slavery system of dark A.I. The rein of the dark is coming to an end, and we have made the difference to this point and will continue to! We are here to experience a free expression of love and come to a self-actualization. A type of awakening into a new era within a spiritual light code with insights from our memories of being eternal light and embodiment of Source-God-Creator Truths! Come to learn how to embody self-mastery within the mind and heart - which is to learn how to become more emotionally intelligent to see, to hear, to feel and sense your way through all that you are from within. Time to use your intuitive capacity, awaken your inner strength and unseen potentials. Time to expand your own heart center. Time to learn new rules of this life game. Go inward, learn to meditate, disconnect and focus on your life creation. Ask for more, for yourself and all others. Question everything, hold no judgements, you do not need to be 'right' all the time. Most of all, learn to love unconditionally (especially yourself). Peace be with you, your loved ones and within the practice of learning patience, new perspectives, and perseverance. This is to help you embody resilient abilities, to use your free will in serving in the highest and best energies and Loving Divine aspects of all that is wholesome and good within you! This is Self-Mastery. Are you ready to awaken to your highest potentials? Light and light to you!

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JT Griffin
JT Griffin
Oct 11, 2022

Always appreciate these spiritual insights. Thanks Karen for always helping us to walk on higher ground and see from higher perspectives

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