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Embodiment of More Light...

Updated: Mar 7, 2022

What a ride we are on, right? Whew! Our personal awareness and embodiment of light and Soul needs to be given more attention. To embody more light for everyone is so unique. We are merging into more from the deepest core aspects of who we are a SOUL, an essence within this physical form.

Time to take more personal responsibly to upgrade your mind, body, and heart. Especially if you feel like you are going crazy. We will be housing a higher vibrational blueprint within this physical form. It maybe an odd concept to absorb or understand, it is true. We are in a new phase of ascension and it is important to shut down certain sensory perceptions and open up more proactive with the body, mind and heart....learn to cleanse and clear and simplify to absorb more of what you need to fill you up! Awaken your own spiritual essence and abilities.

I am opening my groups and training classes again...if you are aligned and wish to ascend in a sane and empowered way...come join me on rising up. xo

LISTEN TO MY BLOG! Love to all


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