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June 9th 2021 Energy Pulse - Thoughts from an Intuitive

It is the eve before the 'June 10th 2021' Solar eclipse, the closing of a portal from the Lunar eclipse to the solar eclipse gateway has been a powerhouse of cosmic energy. So much so that it has kept many in a stalemate and it is driving most people crazy! Feelings of impatience, uneasy, even just a sense or feeling of being lost amongst the oddness of it all. Hold on, there is more. This month will open people up mentally and intuitively in many ways. What they see, how they see it, etc... Also, crazy will continue to appear in the mainstream media and all broadcasts that repeat the mockingbird agenda of fear and deception. Oh my friends more will 'look' insane with disclosure of sorts will continue well into July. It will LOOK worse before we start to see some momentum. Where I live (Toronto) many folks are getting the tight squeeze within the narratives of 'do your part' and the pushing of experimental inoculations.

I say...focus on what makes your world go round! I say focus on what feels creative, ask for humour and be more productive

....pass the time with filling yourself up with some fun, some laughs, seek them, look for them, be in them! Take a listen to my audio....enjoy your life to the best you can currently.


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