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Aug 5th, 2021 We Are More Then What is Going On

Create more meaning for yourself NOW. Our planet, our bodies our souls are changing.

We are being swayed with many energies that are going to shake up everything!

Take a listen to the audio.

Some highlights of the audio:

Fear is made up in the brain and is conditioned from birth, we need to understand that now.

We are moving forward in consciousness; we have never experienced this. We are in the 4th dimensional aspects the starting line.

Time to take the unwanted thoughts out of your awareness and shift to be more positive. If you stay stuck and in victimhood, it will keep you heavy and still.

All media that we know as mainstream is a program and conditions us to stay still and obedient. Our minds are hijacked. All of us to verrying degrees

Are you ready to wake up? The time is NOW, here and now! We are moving into a new paradigm of a 4th dimensional planet.

It is all about negative and positive, the polarities - time to rise and get out of your mind and be more in the moment.

Time for holistic movement to shift and be more in alignment with the new energies coming in for us!

Time to awaken your Christed Spirit. No more suffering! No thank you!

Love, Light and Blessings to you all!


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