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April 2022 is Packed with a Punch of Coded Light

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Moving forward into the month of April we will be feeling and seeing a lot of vibrational cosmic energy. Those who are sensitive (which is just about everyone, to varying degrees) will feel and sense some of the most intense cosmic energies coming onto the planet. This doesn't necessarily mean you will feel negative impacts, this could mean feeling more relief! This is to awaken our Soul aspects and turn on the dormant DNA of seeded Souls. This can also translate into some body aches, feelings of unease in the heart at the beginning, then it has the opportunity to shift you into more awareness and clarity. The squeeze to get to the other side is happening the entire year of 2022 (if you are awake). This will mean that you need to get out of your head-thoughts-thinking and more into processing through the heart centre. What does your heart say?....

We will have 2 New Moons and 1 Full moon this calendar month, and it will bring a punch of much needed shifting and change. I am not an astrologer but I am clairvoyant, cognizant, and clear knowing. What I do understand is that this month is important on a Consciousness level for humanity. Also note that the sun is emiting coronal mass elections CME's that are a mechanism to bring the cosmic light to the planet. We are in this right now. If you can see past the non-sense, see the lies and deceptions, you will be and are on a timeline of more and better. If you still decide to not see past certain illusions and hold too much fear based energy, you will be within that heavier illusion for a while.

This illusion that I can see through along with many others, is a convincing one at that! If you decide to ask within yourself to see the truths, you will. It is sink or swim time for many.

The more that you 'ignore the nonsense' means you are not giving conscious power to that energy. All thoughts are energy, we are powerful beings of light. Everything is vibration, energy, sacred geometry at the very core. We are quantum multi-dimensional beings living in a construct of a physical reality. It is time to realize more, it is time to upgrade our operating systems within the mind and heart connection.

Many of us are Divine essence in physical form, and that is something to acknowledge and realize, it is pure loving power. We are a natural power of force, some are a force for love, and some are a force of distain. What is your life-force living out? What force does your vibration pulse out, emanate outward? Chances are if you are reading this, you are a life-force of Love. If you are a force of love, what percentage of the time are you emanating that loving life-force?

Good and positive thoughts support a good and positive aligned life. Period.

So go along with me here.. where does art come from? Where does creativity come from? We tend to have an impression with art, right? Art is an expression of inner sight and feelings, a focused effort for an end result that is wanted and pleasant. Creation is a blessing, and when we can create our own life like an art piece we add value to absolutely everything as a whole.

Art, expression, is meant to evoke passion and feelings. Feeling is to be alive!

Emotions are a gift. We are the gift, time to focus emotions to be mostly positive.

We are our own expression, our own art master piece.

When you think of someone or something you like, admire in a positive way - what is it you admire or are attracted to?

What feelings do you get that brings in the attraction?

It comes from something within you that resonates with that other. It is a force within Natural Law.

It is a recognition of something, a beauty, it brings in good and uplifting and up-lighting feelings.

That is what we need to tune into more NOW than ever.

So how does someone get out of a rut and into more loving from the inside?

Its about what you think, say and do with that force of yours. It is a simple and complex as that.

Negative or positive feelings can be impressed upon you at any given time depending on what input you pay attention to and what you believe. Movies, tv, radio, social media, billboards - these outlets of information shape your mind and feelings and cultivates attitudes out of 'default' of what they say to you and how you interrupt them (believe them). You are made up of what you consume, physically, sensorily and emotionally. Many folks right now do not know what to believe...why?

A belief system is simply a conditioning of repetitive thoughts.

Anyone can change a belief.

Everyone has the ability and free will to pay attention to or ignore.

What we consume with our eyes and ears is a master form of programing that is on this earth plain. We are all programmed and conditioned from birth within all institutions of family, religion, education, relationships, and government etc...

If you are not happy, not fulfilled, not realizing how to move past discomfort and focus on more and better than it is time to invest in changing your mind-heart connection and motivate yourself to shift up. Learn to think outside the box of conditions and conformity and learn to empower yourself authentically. We all can change our beliefs by installing conscious upgrades, new language and the way you speak to yourself. This facilitates change within your patterns to accommodate life for more and better.

My higher and inner guidance is all that I trust, and that is something within you as well. Learn to follow and heighten your internal guidance system and learn to navigate around the mess with intentional thoughts and feelings. This brings in a momentum of change within the autonomy of who you are and where you are going.

My focus hasn't changed, its about personal empowerment & autonomy - Adults and Children

I offer transformative spiritual readings and coaching from Higher Self and Divine aspects only.

I offer healing activations, chakra and soul alignment to get clear and feel energetic.

I offer holistic nutritional recommendations to shift from ailments and to heal.

I teach how to tap into your natural empath and intuitive ability and activate and direct it.

I teach how to let go of fearful thoughts and manifest more to be resilient.

I teach how to become the healer within for yourself and all others.

I teach how to be your full expression as a Consciousness to live more deliberately.

I am the Teachers Teacher - are you ready for new tools to conquer your highest expression?


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