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2 Tips on How to Use Discernment in Your Life To Make Better Choices

Seems like things have gone mad around the globe with so many agendas happening, so many processes, systems and ways we live are being affected by the fears and programs that instill an uneasiness within us at all times. This affects some people more than others, and unfortunately those who believe that the government or authority 'knows best' falls short on what the truth really is. #theconsciousintuitive #karenfiorucci #beconscious #usedisernment #highermind

Now more than ever it is important to form perceptions in the absence of judgements. To know how to use information that comes into your consciousness, whether it is from thought, hearing, or feelings/impressions. Most folks fall into one category or another, either they are a thinker and believe they are intelligent and logical enough to know what is good or not because they are well educated, consider themselves well read and perhaps their social circles advocate the story lines that they hold as well. They may still believe what is being spoon fed from main stream media is the truth, etc. In the opposite corner, some folks are feelers and move toward feelings and heart and take on others issues and hold concern and fear because of the feelings, and thoughts and perhaps the 'what if's' start to propagate into the forefront of thoughts. Feelers also have logical thoughts but in a different way (please note: by no means am I saying here that people can only be divided into two camps, but for simplicity sake this is what I observe). Both examples are opposites but there are many folks in the in-between. Everyone can use the understanding on how to use discernment within life.

There is a more comprehensive and different way to view or analyze things, it has to do with tapping into your innate gut feelings and sometimes subtle impressions (along with logic) regardless of how fleeting the thought or impression is. This can be a powerful way of perceiving things along with logic to make informed decisions and opinions. This also assists with being more decisive and deliberate in life. Don't we all what or need that?

So, what is discernment? According to Merriam-Webster Definition of discernment: 1: the quality of being able to grasp and comprehend what is obscure : skill in discerning 2: an act of perceiving or discerning something

Changing the way you decide to view things and to also notice any judgements within your views is a skill that can only elevate your daily experience in life. This is a powerful way to perceive within the absence of judgement. If you are reading this and you get what I am saying to this point, then you will be more open to creating more shifts within your own life experience (for the better). To take control of unconscious thought forms and patterns to is to feel more at peace and ease within what comes at you. Knowing how to perceive it, with thought and gut-feelings and break it down without ill or fearful feelings, is learning how to navigate life so it has better outcomes for yourself and those you care about.

If you notice in life that you hold confusion to making a decisions and are a bit controlling and you feel or think that you may make a 'mistake' or not choose the best option (by the way there are never any 'mistakes' in this life, it is all experience and learning, no mistakes).

Tip#1 Write down or think about the choices that you need to make, notice what comes up with your thoughts and feelings, if your feelings are making you uneasy - take a closer look at your thoughts that are creating those feelings. Are they true? Are you playing the 'what if' game and buying into it? Looking at all sides of things and possible outcomes is a good practice to see all potentials, but this needs to be done in a way where you remove your personal feelings and go with facts and then ask yourself - what is the best choice or decision for me and sit with it for a day or two or will notice what floods your thoughts and you will start to get different impressions to outcomes. After some clarity, then ask yourself what is the better choice given logic and a gut- feel. Whatever comes to you, jumps into your thought right from beginning usually is the best direction to go (as long as they are not fear based thoughts). You must try it in order to know it works. It is a gut-impression and they usually come from the wisest aspect of who you are from within the core of your BEing.

Tip#2 To be more discerning on how you form opinions or make a decision in the wisest way is to get more clear within yourself. There are many techniques and holistic ways to re-group, re-centre yourself for making wiser choices. Our creator made things perfect, we have breath to shift our consciousness and focus - its is a powerful tool and asset that we are born with. Learn to deep breath to get clear in your mind, also sitting in silence and asking for your truths is an 'opening' to your deepest wisest self. When you ask yourself, what is it that I want and need. Answers will come, you may not see them or sense them until you let them in! Learn to notice what is a judgement, and opinion - notice what holds you back from just making a choice and living in it. Being in acceptance. If it doesn't work for you, choose another until you come to a point of feeling more content with what is....

Life is what you make it, use your intellect, feelings and gut-impressions (discernment) to be more decisive and use discernment in what intrinsically feels right or better instead of what you just 'think' so you won't be tormented by that cause and effect.

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