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Rising up from the Ashes and Learning to See the Silver Lining

Updated: Jul 8, 2023

" Happiness cannot be travelled to, owned, worn, or consumed. Happiness is the spiritual experience of living every minute with love, grace and gratitude" ~ Denis Waitley Usually my newsletters and blogs have an inspired message that comes from my inner knowing and or my own experiences as an empowerment coach, spiriutal coach...this piece is about my experience in a different way... No one could have prepared us for what June 19 2023 was going to bring me and my family. We woke to my home, my little slice of comfort and bliss in flames. No clue, no hint, no idea that our whole world, my reality would take a big turn. I had everything I needed and more. Such as my wonderful kids and my beautiful cat babies, work that I love doing, and a beautiful home I put so much love and effort into as a single mom. We lost our 3 cats - anyone who knows me and my kids knows how much we love our cats - they were a big part of our lives. One was my healer, another was my guardian, the other was pure joy and love. We lost them all together and all personal belongings and possessions that we had carefully kept close to us. My family heirlooms, photos and all the sentimental things from my parents....gone in a flash. What I have learned so far on this journey of acceptance and rebuilding is that love and grace is real and I am resilient and I have passed on those qualities and traits to my amazing kids. I am very connected to their every breath (even as young adults) and have a great relationship with them...we are a loving support for each other and are working towards acceptance of what is and moving through the grief of loosing our fur babies and figuring out how to rebuild and where to call home again. I thank God for our lives and we are constantly replaying things in our minds and hearts. It is easy to go to 'why' did this this happen but there is no use in doing that, none what so ever. We have seen and felt such amazing human spirit and support from our family, friends, our neighbors and complete strangers with an outpour of compassion and kindness. I am taken back and also so filled in my heart by peoples generosity and compassion. The same night we were given clothes to wear, food to eat and money to pay bills. I have no words for the sense of love and caring we all have and continue to receive. I am told this will be a long road, but that is okay...we will move through each day with grace as best we can. There are many lessons in these circumstances that I will unfold with many more days and months to move through them - I am, we are, moving through this together, united, loved and supported - the foundation is there, the rest is up to me, us. I am a positive and spiritual person with insight into so many things...nothing could have prepared me for this aside from my connection to Source and the Resiliency I teach others to embody. I am that, and will continue to see the blessings all around me. Feeling displaced is an interesting experience, we are looking for a place to live in Vaughan so I can continue with my work, speaking of work...

If anyone knows of a place I could physically see clients in privacy and comfort (in Vaughan)...please let me know. A room or space for two days a week to start. I can continue to do Zoom sessions from where I am staying but would like to have a room or space to physically see people also. If anyone has suggestions, please let me know via email I will be writing and blogging once I get a bit more settled with sorting everything out. I will start seeing people end of July. This has been something so hard to accept however, this is clearly a new beginning for myself, my family as well as new beginnings of light energy on this magnificent planet.

I will see and feel the silver lining in this experience at some point. A warm thank you to all my beautiful clients who have reached out with love and light. I am Blessed. In loving gratitude always in all-ways! Karen (Karee)

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