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What is Most Important to Understand and Do to Ascend in this Currently Reality and Timeline

Never give up folks even in the toughest of times! Ask to see the truths within all things. I cannot stress enough the importance of paying attention to what you are paying attention to! Now more than ever we must realize our own inner world chatter and personal vibration and take full responsibility for them. If you are stuck in a rut and feel like you are on a spin cycle - join the club folks! Okay, so I am going to offer an analogy... Many family members, friends, neighbours and souls are all mixed together in the same massive pot of soup here on this earth plain/reality. We may all look different and taste different but when put together it adds up to one pot of soup that we are in together and share. Depending on how well your taste buds are attuned or work, we may all taste different variables within that soup. With so many worldly things bubbling out of control it can feel extremely uncomfortable at times. Time to turn your pot down and place it on simmer. No rush here. This soup may have to simmer for a while to become concentrated enough to come to the flavour that is best. Over time, it will be so concentrated and when we are ready we will add more water and this will increase the amount of soup and also have great flavour. Now, some of the ingredients in this soup may disintegrate or decrease in shape, size and colour and some will stay in its original shape the whole time it cooked but still added to the essence of the end result. This same situation will occur on the earth plain and within our own lives over this next year. Now some ingredients may change its shape, taste and also some may disappear into something else. When you decide you want more and work towards more for yourself, you can work in many types of boiling or simmering conditions. You just need to accept the cooking time. Time to see things differently and also participate in ways that resonate with you personally.

There are many untruths and misconceptions floating around and what you may have thought or believed before (last year or earlier this year) may have changed and perhaps it may have to come back around. We will see over this year how we have been lied to and manipulated. This will cause great upset in many who believed in the media mainstream narratives. The narratives seem utterly insane to me and the governmental and corporate entities have no business with this type of out reach into our personal health choices and freedoms. This is completely unacceptable in my opinion. It goes against the very core of who we are as Souls, Humans and Sovereign Free Beings! Reference Nuremberg Code Chapter 3 Sec 6.

So that brings us to the point of my blog today, and that is that we must NOW more than ever bring in a practice of connecting to a more peaceful heart. We do this by not sitting on a hamster wheel and watch the same things, listen to the nonsense and soak it all into your brains and hearts. Turn it all off! Take some time out and do your very best not to pay attention to that mess. It will continue to be there whether you decide to watch and believe it or not. At the very least it affects and infects your consciousness and mind/heart/soul aspects. It brings in FEAR and that is the most concerning thing. Fear is a tool a glitch in our brain that is conditioned to be in a state of panic and unrest. It is is when we are in unrest that we get attacked spiritually/mentally/emotionally.......have faith, we will reach a different experience, figure it out through choice and comfort for yourself.

Take a listen to audio blog herein

Sending light and upliftment to each soul reading or listening. :) Namaste and be patient while learning to be resilient!

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