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We Can Be the Phoenix Rising From the Flames

(Note: audio of the blog is in the video below)

I have been so fortunate to have the emotional and intellectual capacity to observe myself in order to get out of my own way. I have learned to develop and cultivate an inner strength to get me out of my head and into my heart space. To a logical person that may not make sense, to a spiritually connected soul it makes complete sense. In fact, when anyone, no matter their conditioning of thinking or thought patterns can shift their awareness to see things that they have not noticed before. This is the greatest thing in this life experience, we decide what to focus on, we decide what we do, think, and speak. That is our power.

We are programmed beings; our brain is like a computer and our consciousness is the bigger aspects of who we really are. The conflict that most folks have is the dualistic realities playing within their minds and hearts. We create a sense of self by how we are received and accepted from within ourselves and the people, places, and environments we decide to reside and play in. The backwards thinking is astounding once you start to see it. What I mean by that is that we are programmed from the moment we are conceived in the mother’s womb. Some souls decide not to entre the physical body until after the baby is born and some want to experience the feeling of birthing into this world, this reality. We make choices from a soul level that we are not aware of (we have been amnestied to whom we truly are in order to play on this earth plane). This does come from the best of intensions on a different level. This is not necessarily understood by most who do not have a strong connection to their heart or an intrinsic faith and knowing that we are more the sums of our physical parts.

Chances are that if you are reading this, you are wanting or needing to connect more in with your higher awareness and question some things or everything. Please do not think that you know it fact we all really know nothing! We think we do, even me articulating what I think I know, its just the tip of the iceberg of knowingness. My sense is that many of us, ascending into higher dimensional realities will have our minds blown and our socks shaken off completely.

When we make choice out of fear and brainwashing into confirming to the collective waves of nonsense (within a lower frequency), we will feel the cause and effects within it all. It will hit us personally, and there will be many, many truths that will be exposed and some folks will see them, and unfortunately many will not. But, when you SEE, you will clearly see. Do not get rattled by them, move though them and do your best to maintain a healthy mindset and emotional body.

I have felt trapped within my own patterns of comfort throughout my life, as many have. When I feel this and see it, I do completely know its time to shake up the current arrangement, no matter how it hurts (I have learned the hard way being an empath and someone who has been loyal to a fault). When you hold more of a caring compassion for others' experiences rather than for yourself it festers into more hurt for everyone. Caring about yourself more embraces and supports you to make the courageous moves into change...easier (one of our biggest soul lessons is to love ourselves unconditionally). When we take to long to decide change, the universe will do it for us! This is seen when certain circumstances happen, or things get ripped away. Loss of a job, a change in a relationship or someone passing onto the higher side of life. If you get fired and didn't heed the warning signs, it is a wake-up call to look at your attitudes and vibrations. Nothing happens to us; we create it on some level. So, when life brings unexpected change, realize there is more than what you see or understand. We are first and foremost vibrational beings of light (some