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April 6 2022 We Are Our Own Masterpiece!

Audio Below - Take a listen to the full Blog.

We are the best of the best, and that is why we are here!

Observe where you are generating emotions, allow energy and feelings to flow though you. We all chose to be here from a different higher level. We get the honour of working through all of this. We need to own what we feel and need to learn how to release it.

We are all here to work though our 'stuff' the things that challenge us, the things that can make us feel vulnerable at times. Oh how uncomfortable that can be. I have come to realize that being in vulnerability can only lead to us getting stronger and more resilient. Because once we face our fears or the things that make us feel less than, we learn and take on a whole new template of knowing. When we muddle through how to feel good within our own skin and to fit in with others comfortably it brings a wiseness and opens new doors of opportunity.

Many of us have been brought to our knees with choices these past couple years and being brought to making choice and decisions that feel to be - life or death - literally and figuratively can be debilitating at times. I also believe that what doesn't kill us will make us stronger. If you have moved past something that you thought could be the end of you in some way, please rethink that. You can grow into being more and resilient from moving past it.....LISTEN TO FULL BLOG AUDIO BELOW

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