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Time to Seek more from Within Your Spirit, Part I

Just to give a little detail on what is in the Audio Recording attached. Karens thoughts and perceptions, Part I.

I have noticed with my clients that there has been a rise in dissatisfaction energy and dissatisfying situations with many folks. (There is much to be dissatisfied with currently).

Take a look at what you are thinking, and why you are thinking it. Our brain gets hijacked by negative forces and energy that has an aim of making you feel negative in some form or fashion.

The name of the game NOW is spiritual connection and boundries.

Spiritually evolve into knowing yourself more.

Ways to think, NOW in order to discern what is YOUR energy and what is not.

Go more inward, keep mind clear of negative thought forms!

We operate as a human and a spiritual being, now more than ever we need the connection

to our Source, we have a lot of (unseen) help to lift us up!

Physical life vs. 3d reality vs. 4d concepts. If you are not spiritually inclined, it would be best to find what you believe in, especially yourself.

Find and cultivate a base-line of faith you will be able to see, sense and feel more…. please take a listen! Come back and Listen to Part II - the processes

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