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The Word 'Give' From my Inner Knowing

Gift of the word 'Give'...My Inner Guidance says....

What is the concept of giving? Who really gives themselves fully? Are we capable? What is the energy of giving? Over the last few days I have been spontaneously writing the word Give, and with it I see fish - a little orange fish...strange huh?

As I felt the need to write Give in cursive I saw a 'fish' in my letter G.....I went with that and asked for is my understanding that 'Christ' consciousness and the Master that we call Jesus is represented with a fish symbol. I believe I have the understanding now....

It came to me a few times as I was creating a kids workshop to empower children and to show them how incredibly special they are and for them to really feel it no matter what is being play out around them.

This is my take on what my Guides/Higher self are attempting to convey: (they speak to me in symbols, implant words and present to me circumstances in knowing I will figure it out eventually). Gotta love that! They also give me feeling and impressions about people and circumstances in which I am very grateful as I looked up the definitions it all made perfect "sense" to me...

Openly give, be the flexibility to accommodate in order for the children to strengthen their roots - it is the hidden present - for all of us!

Fish was given for me to know that when things are in their best place it will provide strength, it also is the present that will allow resiliency in moving ahead in the best possible direction.

By definition:


Verb: Freely transfer the possession of (something) to (someone); hand over to:

"they gave her water".

Noun: Capacity to bend or alter in shape under pressure; elasticity: "pots that

have enough give to accommodate the roots".

Synonyms: verb. bestow - grant - present - impart - allow - render

noun. elasticity - resilience - resiliency - spring

Always look, seek, explore and follow your innate hunches - the wisdom is there!


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