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The Ripple Effect Within Us - An Intuitives Perspective

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Own up to all your choices, emotions that have made you put masks on.

We are going onto the path of divine righteousness and moving into more true sovereignty on this planet.

Old is breaking down, the new is emerging and we will start to FEEL it more!

We must decide to see it, live it, be it first before we can see more potentials and more love within others.

What we are thinking, speaking and unconscious actions create.

Come to an absolute - a code of honour for yourself.

Honesty, morality and most of all love.

Be as honest as possible - be more genuine to help others not to just keep status quo.

Hold yourself in a light of knowing that everything we do with our breath is deliberate.

We breathe, we are within our own signature as creator for creator.

Inner stand that - then we will rise up and individual and collective.

We have an inside world and an outside world… we all do.

Time to get undistracted with what no longer matters or serve us.

Time to get more still within our own mind-heart complex.

There are themes playing out in the outside world that is pure insanity when you decide to remove yourself from it and observe, and be the witness. Just focus in on YOU…when you are ready to see it and let go of unknown fear.

Then and only then will you snap out of one reality into your own creator making your own new reality.

Now its about our own behavour and integrity and we start to change our ways into more light, lightness without judgment.

We need to hold ourselves accountable in every moment.

Time to let go of judgment - for ourselves and others. Do your best to see what is beneath the surface of people and situtations.

Time to work on ourselves - improve with all the little things that seem doable, then you gain strength to move the bigger ones.

The way we all look, is not just what is important.

My essence hears my words, your essence hears your words

My soul hears all about what I do, not what others do and say. That is what shapes our next experiences.

We are completely responsible for all the output we do and give.

Stop telling half truths and white lies - it is all recorded. Look at it like you must hold yourself more accountable for your own experiences.

Judgement is a tough thing to notice and change. We have been taught to think in that manner...time for readjustment.

No comparisons, no judgements we can come to a freedom within us.

We are on this journey within life - it is a gift. A pure gift of life.

Hold a responsibility for all the choices you have made. Be ok with them all and move forward.

Its not about what others do, your walk, your talk is about what you do. Own it.

Are you ready for more? :)

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