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Stay Sane This Month! Reminders on How To Do That

I honestly do not see what the purpose is in getting ourselves all upset. It is like playing right into the hands of those who are deliberately creating mass hysteria to unsettle the popluation of the earth never mind just USA and Canada. My take on it is that there is still so much more to be shown, brought fourth, and integrity needs to come more into play. This will be a few years in the making, however this year will be a constant surprise each week as we move along. The name of the game is to keep yourself in focus on what you want to create (personally and professionally).

The big shocking things will be brought to the main stage, front and centre. This month, energetically we will be going through more ups and downs. February will also be nail biting suspense when legal issues will be highlighted. March we will start to feel more at ease. Between the politics, plandemics, schooling and remote working...most are doing their best in managing own feelings and helping those whom they love...but this can get overwhelming at times.

Remember you decide what you focus and pay attention to. Do yourself a favour and go more inward into your breath, do body movement that strengthens your biofield- your energetic aura (yoga, chi gong) and your core. Meditate to elivate your personal vibration and frequency. Many do not really know or understand how powerful meditation is. It can be the saving grace to give you more resilence, strength, patience and an elevated consciosuness mind-set.

Don't loose sight of your own imprint in life, your own atonomy and focus. Keep your goals steady, plan as usual and do not sit in fear. Like with anything that is upsetting, prepare and make contingency plans to keep feeling safe and grounded ( I made sure there was extra water, food supplies, solar battery for phone or computer. Whatever you sense or feel you need...I think the toilet paper thing is over, lol). Start to focus more in your own bubble of existance. It is much easier to do these days with many folks working from home.

Look for the beauty in all things, speak in a kind way to yourself and others. Make your day by making someone elses day better. Give a smile, tell a joke, send a cute note. Try to brighten your outlook by accepting what is and focusing on what you want. When you feel off, stay by yourself, when you feel open and good, share it with others.

For example I am keeping busy with planning and implementing my plans and goals for work and home. I am always fixing something, sorting something and this past year or so I have taken up knitting chunky blankets and am interested in painting with a new kind of paint. My next goal is to create 1 new meal each week to try. The point is I find solice and comfort in keeping by mind and body busy, creative and inspired. Books (print or audio) are a great way to escape or to learn more about a topic you have been interested in. Look at taking an online course for general interest or to polish up a new skill or personal development in some way.

Go more inward, take control of your mind and output. Notice if you are complacent, and if so, do something about it. Make a decision to have more intrinisically, inside yourself. Your external world will also reflect your inner vibration. This is how it works.

So get busy with making you more occupied and content with things you like or are interested in. Trust yourself, make life better by planning and sticking to the plans. If you don't succeed, try and try again!


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