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September is a Crazy Mess - Hang on and Get Through It One Week at a Time!

Wow, September has taken off with a bang and a half. Seems like things are not fully connecting or feel coherent. So interesting how there is crazy odd energy and things not working out, while underneath things are shifting and moving in a different direction than what we know or we think (learn to connect to your heart to feel better). Circumstances will shift to your vibration and how well you decide to accept and cope with what comes up for you. The beginning of this week had some disruptive energy of fears being projected upon us. Some real circumstances that people need to decide their life within as become real. Time to draw the line in the sand. When we hold a space for truth and answers, we can move into less of a panic and more of an acceptance of choice that you need to make. Where there is a will, there is a way. I was watched a video yesterday about a Professor at a local university who teaches ethics and boy did she hit home. Standing by your conviction IS a personal choice and everyone has the right. On a side note with this, I feel she will find her way and teach in the type of environment that is ethical and with integrity! (I saw her post on instagram, Wow!)

Many have to make the hard decision, but little do we know there will be a silver lining that will show itself. We must believe that! My audio starts off with how my day yesterday was bizarre, it was like nothing would work out or work well. Felt like I was in the twilight zone, perhaps I am. LOL. I got through the day and circumstances with a smile, because I chose to. I am 'attempting' lol to launch a couple of new online programs to help you learn to change detrimental habits of thinking and perceptions, to assist you in moving through your life with goals and purpose. Time to Rise up and float over the nonsense. We can only do for yourselves, we have personal power and will to uplift and we need to make it strong...the time is now! (Due to technical issues with my systems, I am delayed in uploading courses on my site, I will send out a newsletter from my site, sign up at Coming within a week, I am trusting!

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