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Oct 4 2021 Energy, Memory and How to Be

We are in such an energetic timing within this October month. We will see the narrative not make much sense. Do not accept what doesn't feel right within you.

Notice if you are you in judgement/opinions that create feelings that feel uneasy.

Are you doing your best to not be glued to the news or listen to the nonsense?

Time to be aware and conscious of energy, thoughts, feelings. Stay away from electronics as much as possible for the month (only when necessary), this is THE mechanism they are trying to use (in a big way this month) to send off energies through tech to harm and scramble our brains and hearts. If you are a 'sensitive', then its time to realize what can truly affect you in an adverse way. Certain platforms of social media that are popular are not 'online' today, the plans where to survey us and use these tech devices to harm our health and biofields in every way. Go inside yourself, contemplate, meditate to figure that one out for yourself.

Take a listen to my audio....

Stay strong!

Be Brave

Tune out of all that , and tune more into what is important within your life on a daily basis!

with Love and Light...Karen

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