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Mid Aug 2021 Time to Awaken to the Truths...

I have been away in nature for a few days. What a difference this has made upon me in so many ways. I have been aware and also have been told recently that I am lighter and happier in my expression and words. When you learn to tap into yourself and ask for divine guidance and actually sit and listen, it is then, and only then, you will feel a clear and sutble peace within this craziness. Time to be more of WHO we are, our higher aspects NOW. We are more than ready for consciousness upgrades and it starts with how we think. We have the ability to focus on what is important to US. There are many souls who are from 'higher awareness' within, and are here exactly at this time to assist us ALL within. All that we need his here! All that we need is faith, awareness, a knowing of more, and a lifestyle that dictates this. Learn to be more of service to yourself in the most innate ways. Let go of fears, let go of making decisions within these fears. Meditate, learn to become more open and take care of your mind, body and soul! Take a listen... Please take what feels good from the talk and leave the rest behind :). Be in your body, feel your body and become the embodiment and awareness without paying attention to all your thoughts constantly. It is a distraction. This is the answer. I will be assisting folks in meditation to access higher self for the next couple months. Sign up for the Zoom meditation on my website. My intention is to not upset but to awaken and empower. Love & Light to you, Namaste. xo

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