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May Energies - Go More Inward!

May will most definately bring in more energy to help wake people up! We are seeing a great divide on many levels on this planet. It is up to each and every one of us to uphold our own body-mind complex to be more vibrant and uplifted....inspite of what is such turmoil! Be the light, be what you want to see, in every given moment. Hold no fears in making decisions. Ask for answers, go back into your clearing your own baggage, you feel much easier and brighter. Please remember, life has many levels of interaction, do your best to place the thoughts in your head, and put them into your heart. Breathe!

I am hosting Free Thursday Mediation for the Month of May - 7pm zoom, sign up

Come with question for the end...i'd be happy to answer some world questions. Not personal ones.

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