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March Madness & Miracles

Updated: Mar 7, 2023

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Change in consciosuness is rising up this month...we have all heard of March madness, well it is in full swing. Change is from the inside out, please remember that everything, especially when we are going through tough times - is temporary! The consciosuness is shifting and words will not be able to explain this fully It is a feeling, a surrender, a release of what no longer serves. Lets manifest into an emergence of new and the dominating force will be from within you. Look into the mirror, instead of just at it. Meditation assist this in profound ways. I have uploaded a connection to the earth meditation to help with creating more peace within you. It is in the store on my site if you would like to use it. We will start to shift in personality and less individualism when we start to surrender. Our internal energy centers are getting loads of upgrades in a few days, then just after the equinox. Some symptoms may feel like a mental torture and some physical body aches - need to embody more light codes into our cellular structures. There maybe some mental and physical pains we will all need to walk through (what else is new). As I have said before those who have been doing their inner work and being more on purpose will feel less of this stress. We will be able to see so much more and know so much more as this year progresses. Loads of healing has been taking place and you will make happen what you believe. Healing can look like a storm and that is what everyone and everything is going through. We will come out the other end so much more than we could ever imagine! When you are too emotional you may not be able to make the wisest of choice for yourself. It is time to learn how to be in neutral and observe, question and feel your own resistance to things. It can no longer be about you agreeing or disagreeing, it needs to be a time of doing your best to discern your own talk, your own inner voice and come to a place of pausing instead of creating a battle. Outside will provide you much information and then you use what is true for you. When you understand that life is like a mirror, which is a profound statement unto itself, then and only then will we SEE - look in it, not at it. Pay attention to your inner world. Time to use your etheric awareness and see all angles of life and possibility. This is what this equinox will help us with - I am so excited! When we create new habits of thinking and we have the ability to change your mind and thoughts - we will have the ability or live more peacefully. Get out of the mind and get more into the heart space. We are getting another upgrade this month that is so profound. 2,23,23 - a strong code of improvement - there is a new construct forming here. - release the lower aspects and you will feel and see improvement. Bring a feeling into what you want to see in your life. This is the new Golden Rule. And we will be moving through some personal things to sort and clear, we are fully responsible for our own experiences. No more blaming others and life in general. We have our own experiences and its is time to surrender your mind controls Within this month order your future - think and breathe the outcomes you want. Speak to the universe, allow it to help you - feel more as that is what materializes a new life and circumstances to live through and in. Shift the frequency of the body and realize when you are trapped in your mind. Allow all the light to come in - all man made things is breaking down, it is being deconstructed. Heal your mind thoughts and your world will change. Focus more on loving source from heart to more than within your mind. Those who are not available in the heart to change will have a more difficult time to move through thought. Surrender and focus on - what are you needs and wants. I remember many years ago realizing what surrender really feels like. It is sometimes within heartache so bad that we transform. I know I did. I recall being on my knees just letting it all out, asking for more and asking to see my path clearly to make great uplifting change. And so it is...I changed my whole entire life, my career work, my family dynamic, my home, my friends. I am not saying that you need to change absolutely everything to surrender but it is necessary to accept, surrender and then do what will improve things. Change comes from the heart and then it becomes mental. Kindness is most important and comes from the heart. Love gives a warm feeling - love is all that matters, we are love at the core. Learn to be kind to yourself and all others. We will see what love is this year. Our will is our personal action and audacity. I have been engaging in conversation lately about what is the difference between someone who feels like they are a victim or a victim of circumstances and then hold a negative vibe vs. Someone who accepts what is and then orchestrates what to do about it to improve. That thing is personal will and perspectives. Time to rise up into taking full responsibility for yourself. We are changing and the inner codes of what makes us tick and operate from the heart level is increasing a thousand fold this year! We will also be seeing crazy upheaval in the governmental bodies of control. Do your best to tune out and not believe what doesn't make sense. The worlds soul consciosuness is shifting and we as individuals are going to be releasing more shadow and personal things to let go of. Its all okay! We cannot take this forward as the light keeps increasing. Summer timing will feel so good for those who wish to see good, more and better. We will feel a bit separate from others, especially if we are not vibing the same vibe. This month is not about others - it's about you - learn to be more uniquely you and allow your inner and innate being to be more expressed with heart. Learn to turn around your perspectives and perception of things to the positive. Its not just about smiling and being a positive happy, its about embodying your soul, embracing whatever it takes to achieve more for yourself. Our society is changing and the fall is happening as consciousness rises. We have free will and we have our own ability to decide what is good and right for ourselves. We need to take action and empower our inner will to create Up the anti on your own empowering will and autonomy - your circumstances and stories that feel rough and hard. Time to see it in a different light. Take the bull by the horns and start to make baby steps of change. Whether that is speaking up in the most clear and compassionate way or getting more peaceful inside. We will start to see more friction in the outside world as it collapses and the new breaks way for more and better. It begins and ends with us! The collective Soul. Remember opinion is a personal thing, what someone holds as their opinion may no necessarily be your truths. Be ok with that. What others think and believe doesn't have to be yours. Things will be brought to the surface. Any story or narrative that is based on opinion or mental construct will be felt, sometimes deeply. Be more for yourself with compassion, let time pass by and you will be in the change. This year will rise us all up! Consciousness of the entire globe is rising up and this will create some friction. We are life force energy - Mother earth is life force energy We are all in the expression of physical but Spirit non-the-less! Shift of profound consciosuness is at play. We can rise above it all! We are an essence and life force which is very valuable and the truths of who we are will be felt and seen. We are trapped within our own reality and our perceptions will be skud until it isn't. The whole world soul is rising up and ascending and we are inside this paradigm. Most will not really understand this, however those who are connected to their inner being, their soul aspects - will understand more. We are inside a whole construct - and are learning how to release our own individuality. March equinox will bring a HUGE shift. The mentality and morality will change over these next few months and years. The mind - thinks - its individual The heart knows - embodies a higher wisdom of collective. When we are connected to our Soul and higher wisdom aspects we are protected in a profound light of our Source. Life as we have known it is changing. Do your best to find things to smile at and because. We must learn to accept all circumstances around us, within us and make a conscious shift for more and better, little at a time. We are transcending consciosuness and that is difficult to comprehend. You can stay within the mind or you can learn to embrace from the heart and truly know thy self. When we connect with Source you will have a much easier time on this planet. When we have a duality within - we will suffer more seems to be the theme of my writing lately. We will be seeing more breakdown within our societies and the momentums are increasing This time is so exciting to live in. Once you realize you have the power and knowledge within, you won't be so affected with what is outside your autonomy to create change. You know the saying 'You don't know, until you know'. :) It is coming! When we see crazy on the outside, we know that we are in the thick of great change for the better. Need to step into the surrender rather than short circuiting. Limit your time in spending your awareness on what others think is going to happen. Turn it off. Many will have so many opinions - it is just that - their own opinion and we are all working on our own level and may not comprehend things. We do not need to agree with me or anyone - you need to just realize where you are and how it affects you, how it feels to you. The mind ego will be in agreement and disagreement, the heart will tell you your truths. Listen....and trust.

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