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Everything is in A State of Repair and Flux :) Jan 7 2023

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We are moving into a time when we can access more information here on the earth plane, we have moved into more organic timelines that will only go to serve each souls unique expression within the highest capacity that we can - more than has ever been available on this earth plane. I have been saying this to so many folks lately - We are becoming more of who we are, who we were and who we will always be. Where we sit within our Universe, the Milky Way Galaxy system has shifted into a higher frequency structure. We are now sitting in a matrix of our Divine blueprint from our God-Source layers. We are now being affected in a positive way within our nervous system and our plasma body is reconfiguring into this new alignment of God-Source Codes. We are in a passage way of new alignment of higher consciousness during this once in a lifetime ascension process. Our world is not the only one being affected, 3 other worlds are as well. We have been lifted into a higher timeline of more and better (in other words). The rest is up to you and me and all of us. Time to hold a higher integrity in what we think, say and do. Personal accountability and responsibility is Key here. We need to all care about ourselves and how we affect everything around us. All life, all situations as much as possible. Raise your own personal vibration and you will be able rise up into setting new goals to improve attitudes, and hold more compassion for all life and the physical well being of our bodies and our planet- Mother Earth. When we decide to focus on ourselves to improve life in some way, and not only think of our own experience but also understand how we affect others we can fully be deprogrammed from a suppressive control that we have experienced for millennia. As a child I always wondered and pondered why things had to feel so dense and hard. I recall wondering something simple like why we have to go though strife within the little things in life. For example - why do we have to work 5 days a week to make ends meet, or go through what we call 'rush hour' when everyone is in traffic at the same time. I wondered why society was structed the way it was with so much hardship and taxation. Odd things for a little one to ponder, but it did. I also felt everyone's thoughts and also wondered why 'what we call government' wasn't really for 'the people' at all. I now realize why I wondered these things - I was different, I operated differently, I am different and came from a higher density into this lower density with some memory of past lives and different aspects of myself and past experiences. I know I wasn't alone in that but to find others that understood what I did wasn't an easy task. Over the past few years many have really woke to see the darker aspects of life and dark control of the mockingbird media - we are now free from those matrices and mechanisms that have kept us feeling so stuck and still within the confines of crazy paradigms and control. December 2022 and January 2023 has been the exit point of the time space dark experiences and into ascension. Mother earth and all who inhabit her can now start to feel more spiriutal essence and we will awaken to understand more of our spiriutal lineage and essence. Our lightbody vehicle, our true Source Essence is getting an upgrade. Some will feel it at times more than others (read a few of my past posts). We may need more sleep or get over not feeling well or have a strong urge/desire to change some things up within our lives. Eat better, get out of a destructive patterns within a lifestyle, learn something new, and leave some addictions and people that no longer serve us. It is all to improve our own existance and we are solely and completely responsible for ourselves. It is now up to us as individuals to improve or we will really feel it as strife until we do. Earth has ascended and the energetic support is available for us personally to make great change with less resistance. The biggest nudge I am seeing from speaking and communicating with my clients is a strong desire for more and better. Those who sit in a negative frame of mind will feel more of that; those who sit in an alignment of 'I desire more, I am willing to do my part - will be on an accelerated path of more and better…simply put. In my clients sessions I have noticed many come to see me to predict the future and assure them of certain circumstances. What I have witnessed is that my guidance is discussing potentials and probabilities but more so opening dialogue that brings them in feeling comfort in realizing what they 'thought' they wanted to hear was only part of the who experience in our communication. I have noticed Spirit, Guardians and Guides communicating options, choices and hearing about adjustments to make within their lives that would be good to know and actions and probabilities to ensure they are on the best path or timeline of probabilities. It is amazing in hindsight how the Guidance works. I feel blessed to help in such a profound way. Please realize we have chosen our purposes and experiences prior to incarnating here, we are now in the graces of the proper energy plasma to create, be, do and have more. Our physical experiences, our physical body will be in a space of 'under construction or reconstruction' to repair some damage. Our DNA is being repaired and our personal experiences will all be very different. We will be more closely guided by our Soul Families, our spiriutal lineage and choices we make in our physical bodies. We learn when we are awake and we also are being reeducated while we sleep. We are limitless as an essence, we are as limited as we think we are here. The human Soul aspect has great power and it is time to empower our desires with action. As this year unfolds, as we decide to take action and create our dearest and deepest desires. Many will connect in with our Soul Spiriutal Guidance and counsels. There is more light anchored onto this planet to support this communication in a real way. Our chakras are realigning into its original formation and intent due to more Source Codes and open positive portals/gateways that support this plain of existance to rise in density. Through an alignment of heart and mind and soul we can achieve more. This is an expansion of consciousness and living more in a conscious way due to more access to pure Source Light. We will see many folks around us expand and heal and also see those who sit in more fear and service to self find more suffering and ills. Intent is going to become more important. What is your intent for yourself and others. Regardless of what you say, the energy of it will speak for itself. We are now in times of wonder and when we personally align to a higher vibration we can see more from a higher perspective. Each one of us is attuned to a specific groups of energy and we all come from different soul family, or starseed family which we call monads. We all have different Soul Family monads and have more than one. For example, one monad is our immediate family we were born into, another is best and good friends, another could be neighbors and your neighborhood folks, the ones you see walking their dogs every day, the person at the grocery store you have a friendly chat with most, your workmates, etc… Some hold more significance than others and at different times of our life. Sometimes we will feel a connection with someone we meet right off the hop and other times it takes a while. There are so many layers of being open we all go through. We are sensory beings and we are now moving more into the timing on earth to really feel it. There are different life forms on this planet and different plains of existance that have been hindered, everything is in a state of repair. We will notice the chaos around us if we pay attention to it, we will notice more peace when we pay attention to it. I have had so many people reach out to me wondering if we are headed into more doom and gloom…I say, time to stop paying attention to the external stories that affect our heart, psyche and stop repeating the cycle of fear based existance. There are natural laws on this planet and within this Universe, when you raise your personal vibration by simply deep breathing and focusing on being more productive to get more of what you want to experience - you will reap those rewards this year and the years to come. This year we will witness the breakdown of certain societal structures and witness a recalibration of moving into solution based thinking when we do our internal work. Re-adjust into positive thinking within heart-mind, be more productive and focus on doing creative things to uplift the soul and offer a healing and helping hand to those around you. We will notice naturally how you will move away from people who bring you down or distort your energy field. This maybe permanent or temporary - just know and realize love wins. We haven't seen much of that lately in the external world…tides have turned and we will be witnessing a new paradigm of reconstruction or a tare down of the old systems that no longer have a place on this Earth Plain moving forward. So be rest assured, we are ascending and there will be some bumps and burses along the way (God knows we have been through so much already)…it is within the will of being Human Beings that will show the true test of perseverance and love and soul aspects. Join me in taking a deep breath when you find yourself feeling stuck and still in heartache. Rest assured everything is temporary and it is really up to all of us, you, me and all of thee…. Be the difference and learn to be your best version!

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