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Conscious Thoughts, Is it a Red October? or a Pink one....

Energies are ramping up to set us up for MORE (listen to audio below)

Why is love so hard to achieve? Isn't red colour a symbol of heart and love? for the light it is, but also it can be for the darker aspects of what red symbolizes. You can look or view everything with different filters on. Red can mean love, heart, red roses symbolize love but it can also symbolize death. Depending on your own consciousness you will view Red as either quality.

Energy is a mechanism to control us to to keep us preoccupied within ourselves way too much!

Why is there a lack of sustainable love in our every day lives?

Why is it hard to reach a joyous state and maintain it?

Life just doesn't seem to be fair on any level currently today.

Question everything!

WHY is the question....what is it about the power of love that seems to be so unattainable and why? Who and what is controlling this aspects that we all (ok, most) desire more of?

What are the truths within our inner aspirations and wants/desires?

What is needed within us to see and feel differently to create those wants/desires?

What vibration do you sit in most of the time?

What are words anyway? They are forces...know this!

Do not anticipate what you do NOT WANT

Sweep clean those thoughts that bind you...time for more folks!

Dedicate time to cultivate the stillness within yourself, clear the mind complex- we can achieve a still point by practice, a different way of thinking....

Declare to see the truths for yourself.

I am hosting a new 1 month long immersion program to get out of the control of your own MIND and into your HEART space. It also assist you in creating something, focusing on a new circumstance to create something. A new career, a new partner, a new project you wanted to tackle.

I teach you how... the program is titled: I Am Resilient! - isn't it time to actually use methods and techniques regularly to actually see and feel results? This program keeps you accountable to yourself :)

Time to know different methods, techniques and understandings of how we operate as a Divine Being and make it your still-point to see and feel more clearly. Clear the mind, focus the thoughts and attention to something productive and open your heart space to an internal essence that is YOU.

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