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Become a 'Conscious Intuitive'

Many people ask me what is takes to become more conscious and also do what I do. I have decided to share some key concepts and learning within my programs and series/workshops

Here is some information and more is in the audio! Take a listen :)

There are a few concepts that would be good to keep in mind – my process is about lifting your energy signature, your personal vibrations to connect to the highest available spirit energy in the work of personal consciousness, raising vibration and spiriutal development.

Patience is most essential, and this process is one of opening up and time, practice and commitment will be the name of the game in order to grow and develop.

Accept all that comes your way and go with a pace that is good for you. All lesson along the way teach.

How it feels to you is the truth. When you work in an alignment of energy it assists you to develop faster. You begin to have more faith in yourself and the work

When you emit the essence of what you want – it will do the work. Faith, trust, believing will keep circling you. It allows you to hear more, make better choices and take more responsibility for all your actions within life.

Increase your level and threshold in patience – watch a timer go to a full minute – yoga chi gong and relaxation and breathing practices will also help you increase your patience. Wait to speak when others have the floor.

Increase your acceptance and feel less disappointed (as fast as you can) – just learn to wrap your mind around what and why. Be ok with situations that you cannot control. A good exercise is to write about something that didn’t go the way you desired. Write about what happened or when wrong, think about the outcome and what you learned as a result. See the wisdom in why it happened or that it all worked out in the end in some way. Learn to see the understanding in it. Learn to accept what is and move on.

Spend time with yourself – in meditation and nature – take the noise out of life, still the body and mind. The stillness goes beyond the physical self, beyond mind thoughts.

Start a gratitude book or jar. Get into the habit of regularly writing or feeling-thinking about what you are grateful about in your life. Start by listing 3, then 5, then 10, simple to start. You will feel more grateful and more inspired with the feelings of gratitude (it is a blessing) it will ignite your own inner light.

....listen to the video below for more information....

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