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A Reminder of... We are Not What We Think We Are!

I recorded this a while ago and relistened to it, decided to publish it here. We all have the capability to change our minds, change our circumstances by deciding to observe more to have more ability to make better decisions for ourselves by changing our thoughts.

Do your best to stop judging.

Do your best to be in a kindness, regardless of what the push is on the big screen is.

We have ability to change the way we think about everything.

Accept what is right now, and change our own thoughts to move closer to change for yourself.

We are so much more people!

No more talking, time to go inward! Time to invest in yourself!

Stay tuned....I am launching online Beginner Intuitive Development program and online 'I am Conscious I am Clear' Empower your Mind-Heart Connection, in these challenging times its an inside job! Sign up for my newsletter on my site and get details this week. I have taught Personal Empowerment full time for over a decade, I live what I practice and have held 16 different series of classes for Intuitive Development in my back pocket. I have loads of experience and concepts on how to open up and live authentically. Come join me on zoom!

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