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Slow Down Aging
Increase Energy, Strengthen Immunity

Practical and Simple Information and Practices to aid in slowing down the aging process while increasing energy and strengthening your immunity, all naturally! 

What causes accelerated aging and how to slow it down

Common traits

What practices and physical movements you can incorporate into your daily life. 

Nutrition that will optimize how to slow down the aging process

Slow Down Aging

Bio-Energy Field & Chi

Varying degrees of Bio-Energy (low, medium, high)

Our Real 3 ages

Study - Reverse aging study from 1979

Common traits of those with a high calendar age and high quality of life

What causes accelerated aging



Increasing Energy with specialized techniques 

Strengthen Immunity through nutrition, movement and meditation

1.5 hours with another 30 minutes of discussion as needed. 

Presenting the webinar:

Karen Fiorucci - The Conscious Intuitive

Areas of Expertise | Karen Fiorucci

Along with

James T. Griffin - Author of Get Your Black Belt in Proactive-Wellness

More about Proactive-Wellness

Investment: $33 prepay 


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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