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Enhance Your ' 4' Sights

Learn the 4 different types of vision that we all have...

Know how to optimize and improve your quality of 'seeing'

Create optimal Vision = all four ways! 





Some topics that will be included but not limited to: 

·         Looking back into your past (proactive vs. reactive)

·         Teachers and lessons

·         Struggle is the Souls way of Strengthening

·         Gratitude from the past

·         Probable futures and timelines

·         Third eye chakra

·         Pineal gland

·         Patterns and lessons from the past

·         Turning your foresight into reality

·         Instinct vs. Intuition

·         Synchronicity

·         Dreams

·         Premonitions

·         The Self

·         Quantum physics

·         Methods of holistic vision repair 

·         Conscious creation statements to optimize vision  

          Optimal nutrition for Optimal Vision 

1.5 hrs with 30 minute open discussion after as needed. 

Presenting the webinar:

Karen Fiorucci - The Conscious Intuitive

Areas of Expertise | Karen Fiorucci

Along with

James T. Griffin - Author of Get Your Black Belt in Proactive-Wellness

More about Proactive-Wellness

Investment: $33 Prepay


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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