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Build a Strong
Bio-Energy Field:
Your Personal Aura 

Learn How to Strengthen and Maintain your Bio-Energy Field (Aura)


In this talk you will learn tools and techniques on how to strengthen and expand your auric energy field, as a protection and a force field.

Learn what is an Aura - Bio-Energy Field

Evidence of the existence of the Bio-Energy Field (Aura)​

Differences of a strong auric field vs. not strong

What creates a weak aura bio energy field, how and why it is very important to improve and strengthen it. 

What creates/causes a strong Bio-Energy Field (Aura)?​

Technology that helps maintain the Bio-Energy Field.

1.5 hours with a 30 minute window for discussion 

We have taken the logical and spiritual approach in presenting this information.  

Presenting the webinar:

Karen Fiorucci - The Conscious Intuitive

Areas of Expertise | Karen Fiorucci

Along with

James T. Griffin - Author of Get Your Black Belt in Proactive-Wellness

More about Proactive-Wellness

Investment:  $33 prepay 

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