Support every step of the way



Learn to Be an Intuitive Healer

I have got you covered!  From the initial training to Master-Teacher format program, you are supported all the way! 

I also have a group chat for supporting the healing journey for yourself and others with a group of peers that truly care.  In the circle of people you train with, you bond and create friendships.  This holds you up along this profound journey into Divine healing!


Learn First & Second Degree Usui Reiki Practitioner accreditation in one informative and inspiring Intensive weekend.  Learn to be authentic, traditional, and professional ways of healing and empowerment for yourself and others.


This Master course has everything covered and taught in the traditional ways in a weekend learning intensive.  You open up your healing capacity with new master symbols; the art of boysen scanning/sensing; group healing; and learning how bring it all together in the business of Reiki.


Learn how to teach Usui Reiki in an authentic way with class outlines, process, and manual materials that Karen uses.  Make teaching easy, well planned and organized with Karen's processes.



What Students are Saying


" My experience in being a part of The Conscious Intuitive classes has been LIFE CHANGING!! Karen has helped me TRUST in my senses and intuition.  Karen is able to take you out of your mind and really dive deep into feeling, sensing, and hearing messages and signs. Signs, symbols and messages in my daily life became much clearer. Every class covered so many different and creative techniques to expand intuition for a variety of situations. I use many of these techniques daily!  The best part of my experience  is being with a group of like minded, non judgmental, beautiful souls.  I left every class uplifted and inspired. 
Karen, thank you for helping me develop my intuitive self in such an incredible and safe way.  Karen's has passion, beautiful heart and her true gifts are so admirable".  

Thank you so very much for everything! I actually wish the class wasn’t over and yes, I would absolutely be interested in Reiki III and Master level. I am beyond grateful to you and your amazing course. I wasn’t sure what to expect but I’m so glad I signed up and it was beyond anything I could have imagined. Your knowledge, the delivery, the space and the whole experience was just AMAZING! I would absolutely recommend this course to anyone and especially to those who want to grow and learn the beautiful art of Reiki. All material was covered and then some. Thank you so much for answering all the many questions I had. I feel so honoured to have received my attunement by you.