Tailored to Your Needs

This Master course has everything covered and taught in the Usui traditional ways.  You receive a full manual and personal instruction from Karen's wealth of energy healing experience and perceptions. 

What you will learn in this intensive two day course:

We start with open discussions on

What is your vision and experience, what are your goals and where do you want to take this work?

How to hold a higher vibration or mind-set. 

Discuss what does doing no harm and honour and respect the title and privilege in the pursuit of personal growth...really mean. 

Reiki Master Attunement process 

Water Ceremony, relaxation/meditation 


Reiki Principles as a group

Review of Reiki I &II – symbols and show me process (discussion on the sacredness of these symbols)  They will be displayed like in Reiki I&II.  

Discuss more in depth on how reiki works   

Introduce and memorize New Master symbol  Dai-ko-myo  - increases effectiveness of the reiki II   

Practice the symbol 

All 5 Usui symbols 

Quick healing session  Johrei  

Chakras hand positions during Reiki & Aura layers explained   ( I included this into this training because we need to know more as people are waking up) 

Meditation:  Gassho & Hatsurei 

Concepts of Reiju  - we should work like the 'rain'.