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Are You Ready for the NEW Energies - Awakening Heart to Self!

Here we are, May 25th 2021 and on the cusp of some tantalizing and greatly anticipated innocuous, high vibing energy moving into June 2021 (what a mouthful!). I always appreciate the month of June so much - feels like a new beginning for so many things. This year and last has been such an 'opportunity' to stay grounded and to actually feel exciting anticipation of spring-summer and new growth with all the nonsense that is going on globally. This world has been likened to a battle of good vs. not-so-good in everything and everyone. So polarized and it feels like it will continue to do this until separation of the darker aspects that are clinging to good, can no longer hold and fall away. (This is change, this is not easy to flow through). Some of you may understand what I mean, and some may not. We are here, we are in the thick of change, the greatest shift of consciousness and paradigm altering that this collective has ever been a part of and is witnessing. (What side do you prefer to pay attention to? The frightening control or the breaking down of old ways to make room for new?)

Everything will continue to divide on the outside of our realities. On the inside is where the true magic of life and transformation happens. We must all learn how to connect innately to ourselves, move into more practice of inward to rely on and improve. Develop and use our own 'internal guidance system'. We can do this by taking more quiet time, sorting negative thoughts and impressions, work through them. Not allowing fears and worry to rule and occupy your heart continuously. We need to learn how to deal with the tough circumstances to feel a sense of resiliency and personal strength and empowerment. Sometimes the dark is a necessary part to see the light more!

This week, starting tomorrow will open up a few different pathways into your own personal life experience. I am seeing this flowing quiet storm of energetic, vibratory frequencies that will be bathing our galaxy and the earth plane as an 'added bonus' or element of God Consciousness to be offered to every living/conscious thing in this dimension and others. This is not what you would label 'the event', don't really hear about that too much anymore, but it will come in the months to come, in the calendar year 2022 I am hearing. This week's alignment and energetic gateway will be available to us until mid June. Different energetic complexes will be swirling their way into every fibre of your being. Some may feel physical aches, some emotional. For those who are awakening and awakened to any degree will realize and integrate more into their awareness and energetic footprints (aura, soul imprints).

This is the time to start to listen to what you are telling yourself and take it very seriously.

If you are in ramped negative thought forms, time to do a good sweep and clean! Take time to reverse those impressions of thought (that have the force to create) and dismiss them. If you are in a flow of taking care of yourself which includes being aware and conscious of NOW moments and thoughts, then and only then will you see things more clearly and just start to FEEL that within you. It is all an inside job at this point!

So, have you been energetically preparing yourself for the days to come?

Are you on a quest to improve your life? Either Body, Mind or Soul?

If you are, keep going, and if you need more, seek and find it.

Always check in with your heart, what is it saying?

You are the one that can change your mind, the only one.

Time to open your heart space and transmute what no longer serves you!

Spend time outdoors, very important - Cleanse!

Eat food that agrees with you and is nutritious - Nourish!

Meditation is the golden key!

Start something creative and or read something interesting to you. Fill yourself up with more!

Spend quiet time reflecting and improving your own self, your own judgements and criticisms. Be more of service to others.

That is where it begins and ends. So take full advantage of these NEW and RARE energies, coming in just to help us ascend and awken further! Meditate for a few minutes a day and go inward and ask for more, think of what you want and how you would like it. Use that imaginative side of yourself to shape a new outcome by eminating the frequency and energy that you wish to recieve back!

I am hosting two Conscious Talk and Meditation Full Moon nights ...May 26 & 27, 2021 at no charge or by donation. Come join us on Zoom!

Create into manifestation! Namaste my Friends!


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