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“You have power over your mind - not outside events.
Realize this, and you will find strength.”

Marcus Aurelius



Certified Accreditation Courses

Spiritualize your life - Learn Intuitive

​If you desire to learn how to be more decisive and more confident within making decisions and connecting to your higher aspects...

If you desire to know how to 'read' people accurately and situations accurately'...

If you desire to figure out what you are sensing and to understand where it is coming from (yourself, others, situations around you) then is a course for you. 

I warn you....The side effect could be more sense of meaning and spiritually in your life :)

Everyone is completely capable of learning this innate and natural aspect of who we are and how to open up to more.  

​Your practice will become your life –(in a wonderful way)



Beginner Intuitive Development - What yo

Get clear for yourself and others 

I am doing this a bit different this year..  Since we have not been able to gather in groups - I needed to put this online.  There will be a course outline with videos and support material.  Once you get through the basics, you have the option to join our 

Inperson circle to practice with people in different stages of development.  Everyone is so encouraging and wonderful.

Beginners who are open and eager and desire more confidence, and spiritual insight. 

Learn to get specific information from spirit and your higher self....(God self, your essence, your true aspects - not ego mind-personality)


This program will aid you in learning how connect in with your higher self and Spirit working in a closed circle of people who desire to open up to their intuition through different exercises, experiments and fun - interesting experiences. 

​We are all gifted with the same abilities (just varying degrees and ways). 

Learn to tap into your innate abilities...believe!

Investment:  $144.00 Online Course - Coming soon 

What is included in the investment?   

You will learn a 'conscious and protective' protocol on how to tap in, how to open up your senses and play with information.  More details coming end of February.  

With specific topics and philosophies for each module, you will build on your understanding and practice. 



Do you want to be more Intuitive (2)

Rise Above Perceived Limits - Get more Conscious in Life

The whole learning practice within Intuition/mediumship is a repetitive one, it is how you get better by doing it repeatedly.  Trying new techniques or mixing them in with the processes that are tired tested and true.  Everyone is so uniquely different in how they connect.   Karen's job here is to ensure you receive acknowledgement, encouragement and constructive ideas and ways to approach the work and continue to open and expand with confidence.    


We will work with using new techniques as well as the same processes of sacred opening and closing procedures and refinement. 

For anyone who is new, I will supply you with my handouts and the Conscious Intuitive way... to show you how to open and close and share my prayers and philosophies, so you can play with confidence.


Develop a Deep connection with your Spirit Guides, Guardians & Higher Self

How to sense and expand your own true essence  

Working with the subtle energies to read information more clearly  workshop 

Investment:  $40.00 per class.  Prepay 4 upfront and only pay $35.00

What is included in the investment?   

2 hours of class time each session and Karen's years of spiritual knowledge & practical experience, the specific lesson teachings (in audio or video prior to a class), a workbook, crystals (when offered) and handouts when applicable and access to hidden site page for reference tools.  


Master Your Techniques

You can be trained on any modality of healing such as Reiki, Huna, Matrix or whatever....when you learn to hone in on intuitively feeling and sensing energy (which you will be taught) the healing signatures amplify and you become a more empowering healer/coach and or holistic practitioner.

Date coming soon 

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Outdoor Meditation

“Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment"



I thoroughly enjoyed each and everyone of Karen’s Intuitive Development Classes. Each and every class was always filled with a fun and exciting learning tools.      

Each class began with a thorough explanation of what we were going to do and at the beginning I would get very nervous but everyone in the class is so amazing and Karen took us through each step so that we learned and practiced each skill with confidence. There was always something new and different to practice and that made me into a confident person. The people truly made each class special as we made each other feel comfortable and coached each other through the class so we felt confident.  I made some amazing friends and to this day we get together quite often.

The class made me feel confident in trusting my intuition and helped me grow in many other directions such as Reiki healing and Intuitive Energy Therapy. Karen has many gifts but teaching us the Intuitive Development Class was exciting, fun and special. She is a wonderful instructor.

Nella G.