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Let's Talk about Everything Consciousness and Mystical

When I host groups and gatherings we always end up talking about how to navigate this world and how things are so different and challenging.   So I created this forum to talk about all topics that can empower ourselves on how to be to fully awake.  This is a fun and enlightening space to talk and be understood in your awakening process. 

We are all trying to better understand the world we live in and navigate through it. But sometimes, we can’t do it on our own.  I mediate the evening and open with a peaceful mediation to clear use and set the tone for the time we are together.  I may offer a collective message to the group from Spirit / my higher self.  

The Conscious Talk Gathering is a community of like-minded individuals who meet once every 4 weeks to talk and can express their views on conscious things and the world. We also help each other move through new energies to get a better sense of personal alignment with purpose, while cultivating gratitude. The ultimate goal is to provide you with insight and some

tools you need to change your life, align to your purpose(s) and enable you to become more empowered.

Be ready to learn a lot, have a good laugh and at times cry!

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