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Gain Inner Calmness and Answers

Receive loving guided information from Spirit Guides and Guardians on what is going on with you personally in your life and/or from Loved ones who have crossed over.... An empowering healing process.

Plenty of time to ask questions

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Investment: $80-$133

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Tailored to Your Needs

A favorite session by many.  Helps clear away issues and old mind thought patterns.  An intuitive reading with your Guides, much insight comes through, so bring your list of life questions!  A powerful process of transformation on the most innate subconscious and conscious levels.  You truly can see truths & results

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Investment: $80-$133/session, packages available  

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Feel More at Peace

I am a Master Healer, attuned to many higher frequencies and have been practicing and teaching to the Master level.  I open up to Universal Healing Energies. Reiki, IET Angelic, Divine healing, Chi Gong Source energy.  She is attuned and keeps herself balanced to offer the highest vibrations to assist you on the emotional, mental and physical.  You feel calmer, more at peace.

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Investment: $111/session,  packages available

Healthy Food


Master Your Taste

Holistic approach to nutritional requirements is about taking a look at the whole lifestyle that has prompted you to seek eating and wellness help. We look at food quality and types/variety as well as your thinking and other habits. You are more than just a collection of parts.  It's not just about a 'diet', it's about a food and nourishment plan to aid in healing and wholeness.  Starts from the inside out! 

I have a wealth of information to share on all sorts of ailments and conditions that can be shifted to wellness and wholeness. My specialty is digestion, anti-aging and women issues. You are worth it! 

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Investment: $95-150, packages available



Gain Inner Clarity

A powerful and peaceful combo session of Energy Healing within the highest frequencies and healing light you can soak in and then a talking spiritual session with your Guardians and Guides to assist and heal to help you achieve more in life.

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Investment: $133/session, packages available



Get Confident!

Become more confident in your practice! Spend 45 minutes with me as your personal-attentive guide/instructor into a space of healing and exploration. I give personal instruction and do yoga beside you as we dive into feeling more alive and open.  I prepare the space just for you.  Come feel the stretch, the breath, the Reiki healing and personal message.

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Investment: $55/session 


Transformational Life Coaching - wow

"Karen helped my tremendously with my anxiety and brought clarity into my life at a time where a lot of things were unknown. She gave me the permission I was looking for to follow my gut and have confidence in my instincts. She told me about outcomes I couldn't see for myself. I am so thankful to her and hope to have another reading soon!!"


"This was truly an amazing experience, Karen was on point with everything. She gave me the tools to help me with everything I needed. Her talent/gifts are beyond words, the messages I received from her from past loved ones were remarkable. The detail she gave was incredible. Thank you Karen for showing me how to improve my journey of life, u are amazing!!!"